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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The future ruler of United Kingdom is about to pop into this world any time soon, and his or her parents, not to mention the whole world, are already excited. Indeed, Kate Middleton and Prince William seem like the eager and loving about-to-be parents that they are that its almost hard to imagine that they almost didnt end up together. Remember their controversial split in 2007? Four years after William and Kate started dating, the two had split in March 2007, not giving any reason why.

Reports only claimed that their breakup was amicable and mutually agreed upon, but there were speculations that the royal bachelor preferred to act like one rather than be tied to one girl. So what was the real reason why the two separated and subsequently reunite? The answer, according to a new book titled Kate by Marcia Moody, is because William decided to take a different direction from his father, Prince Charles. When his father Charles was wooing Diana and the relationship reached a crossroads, Prince Philip told him that he needed to take action one way or another.

And Charles proposed, excerpts of the book obtained by the Daily Mail read. When William was faced with a similar dilemma, he went the other way¦ So he celebrated his newly obtained freedom by standing on a table at a club and shouting Im free! while surrounded by a bevy of nearly naked beauties. And while William got drunk and partied hard, Kate consoled her broken heart by signing up for a charity challenge with an all-female dragon boat racing crew called the Sisterhood.

She attended other functions, and even had gone to parties that touted her singlehood, but it was with the Sisterhood that helped distract her from the pain. Kate was very down and I think the training became her therapy. Kate had always put William first and she said this was a chance to do something for herself, her fellow rower Emma Sayle said in the book. William, meanwhile, was having second thoughts. Mindful, perhaps, of the decision his father had made when he was in his 20s and failed to marry his early love Camilla, William did not want to make the same mistake.

Kate, however, needed some convincing. He had broken her heart and she wanted to make sure that if they did get back together it would be for the right reasons, and that things would change, the book reads. The two eventually got back together after a few months, but they didnt regret their time apart, however short that was. We were both very young¦ we were both finding ourselves and being different characters. It was very much trying to find our own way and we were growing up so it was just a bit of space and it worked out for the better, William has been quoted as saying.

Four years later on April 29, 2011, the two became husband and wife as they exchanged vows at the Westminster Abbey in London. And any day now, their first born will make his or her appearance on earth. According to reports, they havent named their little bundle of joy yet; they dont even know if theyre having a girl or a boy. But whatever gender they get, their child already has an impressive title attached to his or her name. The royal couples child will officially be known as His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge, a rep for Kensington Palace told Us Weekly.

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