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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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How many people do you know that have done something big and important in more than one field of study? I only know one person, this person has done so much in his life span. Part of the reason were we are were we are in the technological field is because of him. He is also one of the founding fathers of America. This person is Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was born on January seventeen, 1706 to Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. He was Josiahs fifteenth child, but with Abiah he was their eighth child. Benjamin attended the Boston Latin school but never Graduated due to financial problems. When Benjamin was fifteen years old his brother James Franklin started an independent newspaper company that was called new England Courant, Benjamin wanted to write for the newspaper but his brother wouldnt let him, so he started writing as an anonymous person who named him self Mr. silence Dogood. People loved his writings and wanted to kn ow who was writing.

After his sixteenth letter he revealed himself. When his brother James was sent to jail, Benjamin ran the newspaper company until his brother returned. Benjamin didnt like the way his life was so he ran away to Philadelphia and worked an an apprentice printer. Things didnt work out so Benjamin had to work the next few month in England doing print work. In 1724 Benjamin wanted to marry Deborah Read but Deborah Reads mother declined the proposal . Six years later Benjamin acknowledged William as his son, no one knows who Williams mother is. Later Deborah Read asked Benjamin Franklin to marry her, they both brought up Williams and two kids of their own.

Benjamin was a rich man but lived a simple lifestyle, he loved mature and even walked around naked, he believed that the body should get a lot of fresh air. In 1727 Benjamin returned to Philadelphia and a year later he established a group of sound minded people who would work on improving their society. In 1729 he bought the Pennsylvania printer store. He wrote a lot for his own paper. Benjamin Franklin was also an inventor, he invented the bifocals and the Franklin stove , Franklin was also a physicist and came up with The Ben Franklin effect.

Franklin had this curiosity for electricity, he had many theories about electricity, so he tested one of his theories by flying a kite with a key tide to it during a thunder storm, which proved that lightning was a type f electricity. Benjamin Franklin was and still is a brilliant man, he will forever be known in all kinds of history. He was one of Americas first fire and police station, he also started the first public library and hospital and even the first college. One more thing he is known as is one of the founding fathers America, he helped write the declaration of independence. I respect Benjamin Franklin in so many ways, I believe that if he was alive today he would invent more amazing things.

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