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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The lost children also known as The Lost Children Sudan are a large group of children in sudan who are caught in the crosshairs of civil war that has been taking place in northern africa for a great number of years. The civil war has split Sudan into what is now known as Sudan and South Sudan which became an independent state on July 9th 2011. This civil war has displaced and killed many families and children and often forcing those children into becoming child soldiers or into slavery. For the topic of this assignment I will discuss about The Lost Children of Sudan and why I believe the world is responsible for preventing the wars in Sudan and South Sudan and the children struggling because of it within it. I will be also be discussing which is included along with the topic is how the media portrays the civil war in sudan and The Lost Children affected by it.

In an article written by Emily Wax published by The Huffington Post Sunday, August 21, 2005 she wrote of own experience of seeing the war torn areas herself and stated facts she believed to be true were and could be quoted saying The aftermath of a war that has taken 2 million lives and displaced more of its own citizens (some 5 million people). A statistic that I find increasingly disturbed by when also finding out that addition to the deaths and displacement that children were often forced into slavery and becoming child soldiers, children who ages can be younger than seven are forced to fight against enemies are given firearms and weapons to do so. In that article Emily Wax says that While statistics-laden reports on AIDS or tomes on political machinations are abundant, few books have been able to capture Africa from the point of view of Africans. Three recent volumes make moving attempts to do so.

Those three books are They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky: The True Story of Three Lost Boys From Sudan by Benson Deng, Alephonsion Deng and Benjamin Ajak (with the help of Judy A. Bernstein) which speaks of their journey escaping across the desert while fighting the life threatening dangers included in it. The Lost Boys of Sudan: An American Story of the Refugee Experience by Mark Bixler where he charts the lives of four young men who survived sudans war that wanted to be the most, which was to be an immigrant in America. Children at War by P.W. Singer who writes an alarming fact how the increasing number of children used in war should not be ignored and quoted saying These new soldiers are not simply children; they can also be callous killers, Singer writes. At the same time, they are still children whom society has an obligation to protect..

After reading many articles and excerpts including the ones above I was even more pushed onto my views of why the world should be more responsible in helping to stop the wars in Sudan and it war torn occupants after reading an article written by, Larisa Epatko published by PBS Newshour titled Desperate in Sudans Nuba Mountains: Theyve Started Eating Leaves. In this article they talk about how not only does Sudan has to struggle to survive through war but endure harsh weather that only adds to volatile region that prevents an incoming of supplies that is much needed.

Addition to that problem is the fact that the villagers there cannot plant any crops and can be quoted in the article by Tristan McConnell, a GlobalPosts correspondent in Nairobi, Kenya, who traveled to South Sudan to report the activities there stating, Without any crops, theyve started eating leaves, he said. To see a woman sitting down and cooking supper for her eight children and all shes got in the pot is a load of boiled leaves is just horrendous. That sort of thing just shouldnt happen. . I completely agree how Tristan McConnell felt on the issue and that things like this should not happen when we as people have the means to help each other.

After reading articles about the subject I decided to try and see how Hollywood portrayed the struggle in Sudan by watching the movie titled, Machine Gun Preacher written by Jason Keller and directed by Marc Forster. The movie which was released in 2011 by Relativity Media, was based on Sam Childerss book, Another Mans War. The movie is an action biopic about Sam Childers, a former gang biker who changed his ways and became a preacher and defender of the children of sudan.

In the movie Sam Childers speaks of how he overcame his struggles then touched by the war torn children of Sudan during a missionary trip took upon himself to take on theirs. Even though I believe Hollywood tends to exaggerate details or manipulate facts to entertain its viewers, I believe Hollywood come very close to capturing and re enacting the violence and the unthinkable crimes against humanity committed there. The scenes depicted in the film include children forced to commit murder against their will even against their own families or face death themselves. The film largely contains many scenes of violence that I believe to be accurate but only scratches the surface of the struggles of Sudan.

Once I read and watched the many articles, films, and documentaries I can strongly stand on my viewpoint that the world needs to step in and help stop these civil wars that force these people let alone children into the inhuman conditions. As I say that I also strongly include the fact that even though I believe we together as nations, as a world whole has the responsibility to help Sudan, United States of America should not be the only solely one responsible.

I strongly include this detail because even with Sudans civil wars with child soldiers, America itself has civil wars within it that also include child soldiers. What im speaking of is gang ridden communities where there are people like the ones in Sudan that prey on the children and force them into crime and killing for their own self benefit. Even though if the numbers arent as big as the ones in Sudan we have an obligation to ourselves but together as human beings together in the world we are responsible to stop what is going on in sudan that I feel is a crime against humanity.

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