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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The Last Lovely City is perhaps one of the masterpieces written by Alice Adams in the whole duration of her writing career. The story comprising 13 stories gradually divided into two parts is manifestation of the authors deftly limned thus fully realized portrayal of the characters that embody the story so as to give a clearer vision of the emotions that the author wants to reader to absorb from the story. Consequently, Adamss characters become supremely realistic in sense and thus worthy of understanding because they act so intermittently despite superior intellect and experience.

Although no concrete explanation can be arrived at by simply looking over the immediate flow of the story, one can perhaps be resolved by running over the idea that, perhaps, Adams would, as much as possible, avoid too much involvement in the story herself. Another aspect is the influence of the real-life scenarios by which Adams may have predicted to be most likely astonishing. That is, one is affected by such trying times in the sense that one reverts to the more negative sides of life, being swallowed by the surmounting conflicts within the feelings of the characters of the events where decisions become distorted.

The point of the whole gist of the theme, the tone, and the purpose perhaps is to trigger emotional concern on the dignifying sense of twisted and intertwined individuals which apparently jive along with the situation”scene per scene. It may be taken to assumption the author herself may have had felt the exact experiences conveyed by the story, nevertheless has made critical research and analysis on possible instances that may come up with a realistic story. There are several questions manifested in the flow of the story.

The symbolic reverberation with a complicated and not altogether seemly past comprises the story with the conception that a young woman may be engrossed in him: Is she flirting with him, seriously flirting? Well, she could be. Such things do happen, the doctor reminds himself”and she seems to be a very honest young woman, and kind. She could brighten my life, he thinks, and lighten my home, all those rooms with their superb views that seem to have darkened (Adams, 2000). Consequently, Adams doesnt generate heroes and villains.

She creates blemished human beings, and the doctors retribution is tinged with rue. Conceivably, the authors main intent in giving a slight humor and a plausible aura to the character may be collaborated with Hemmingways works of love and conflict and humorously enhanced dilemmas. Adamss place in the landscape of late-twentieth-century American literature has been earned not only by the skill and deftness of her prose, but also by her challenge to the hackneyed dismissal of loves redemptive possibilities.

She presents a world where the potential for smart and independent women to have their cake and eat it, too, to enjoy professional and romantic success, stubbornly persists even if not often realized. No romanticist”Adams never flinches from describing all the vagaries and disappointments that afflict sexual and platonic relationships, but neither does she ever permit these descriptions to produce a sense of crushing pessimism. Ultimately Alice Adams was that most rare of writers, a staunchly realistic optimist who always retrieved a glimmer of hope from the most adverse of situations.

The Last Lovely City”is a manifestation of the good and the bad experiences that the characters have gone through in life as well as with the glitches in it that has been encountered. Given the fact that even in the introductory parts of the story, the tone and the theme is already shown in explicit finesse”with all the evidently magnificent places that has been included in the story”San Francisco, North Carolina, Mexico, Hawaii. The story itself is a point of Adams stunning art in portraying passion of love and life has been consistently paid high regard by many that this collection of stories is celebrated worldwide.

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