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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The most arguable area within this article, has to do with the definition of Zionism, and the improper education that the Jewish community and us as a country are receiving. Education and common ground are needed for the Jewish communities, in order to make a movement not only for themselves, but to help make a change at the government level as well. It is found within the Jewish communities, that there are very few people speaking out from a congressional stand point. This, in a way, leads many Jewish communities to carry misconceptions of Zionism, what is actually going on, and what needs to happen in order for reform to take place.

People are angry and fearful of the situation. One area of difficulty for the Jews, is that there is a misconception in the United States, that the Jewish community has taken over the country. It may be true that many hold power in office, but this does not mean the Jewish community as a whole. This takes us back to the definitions of a Zionist. The Jewish activist groups are not only trying to educate the Jewish communities, but the non-Jewish communities as well. People of the non-Jewish communities are afraid to speak out for fear of being accused of antisemitism.

The activist groups for the Jewish communities, seem to have good intentions. At the same time, they all have different views and different directional goals. There needs to be more unity between the activist groups in order to help create a bigger impact for the Jewish overall. Many Jews want to have a voice for Israel and the situation with the Palestinians. The problem is, they cannot affect what happens over there, without going through the governing system of the United States. Many Jews are scared and dont know how to speak out. They feel disconnected from the big picture.

This makes them angry and less likely to want to get involved The United States seems to disregard what the Jewish communities have to say in regard to foreign policy. It is the Jewish communities and activist groups that see that the foreign policy in place by the government is only fueling the issues between Israel and the Palestinians. Who else better to help this out at the government level, than the Jewish communities themselves? The Jewish activists can help educate the government on the true history of Israel, and why the situation has come to be what it is today.

It seems to really not be the place of the United States to decide Israels fate without the voice of the Jewish communities. Many of the Jewish communities have lost touch with their history, or have never been educated in it at all. Many Jews are uncomfortable with the government policy, but are pro Israel. Some are pro Israel and pro Palestinian. There is so much knowledge and heart within these communities, that just isnt being used. It needs to be brought to the surface, and used as a tool to help Israel. Where is the common ground? There needs to be a link to bring people together, and education needs to be key.

Not everyone needs to agree, bu to have the knowledge to understand what is going on, and why other people may have a different belief on the situation. Activists arent even being heard through the Jewish communities, due to lack of understanding of what is actually going on. They are being lead by misconceptions within their own cultural groups. The goal of the activists is to tailor messages that will be heard from the liberal Jews within or country, who do feel strongly about the issues of Israel. It is people within these communities that could have a strong enough voice to make a difference.

The word Zionist is still often taken as a very militant term. It is looked at as black and white. It is still a word that angers people who think that a Zionist is someone for Israel, regardless of their actions. Part of the education, is to look at how the term Zionist is used, and its list of multiple meanings. Many Jewish activist groups want to let go of the word all and its list of multiple meanings. Many Jewish activist groups want to let go of the word all together, to make people focus on the real problems taking place.

Another issue holding back what really needs to be addressed, is the fact that, it doesnt matter whether Jews have a larger voice in this situation. The United States and the Jewish communities need to lookout for the good of Israel and the United States, to make sure that everyone is protected, safe, and treated in a fair manner. The role of the Jewish communities is not to dictate, but to help encourage change. There is panic within the activist groups, because they want to focus on how to implement a movement for what is happening now, but feel that the problem is too large.

They will not be able to act quick enough for what is going to happen in the long run. Organization is key. What I see, is that there are differing opinions among the activist groups, as well as different ways for going about things. If you have activist groups, who are instilling totally different thoughts and processes into the Jewish communities, this could just lead to even more confusion. Before worrying about government policy, the activist groups need to work from the bottom up. They need to unite in a better way, as to represent consistency.

If they combined as a force to help educate, instead of going their own individual routes, I feel they would be more affective in reaching the Jewish communities throughout the United States. The groups need to become more united and have a strategy to present. There is no real strategy as to what the Jewish community really wants to accomplish. I feel that a common goal needs to be set. If this were to happen, it would be easier to educate the communities on what the action plan was, and the rationale behind it.

The Jewish people need to be seen as not just wanting to support Israel, but as being supportive to the United States Government as well. The Government needs to step in and help the Jewish community to have their voice heard. The Jewish as a whole have stood by the United States, and should be rewarded in return for their efforts. In the whole mess of things, the common goal should be peace for Israel and the United States. No one needs to be hurt and treated poorly in this situation. This is what the Jewish activists are fighting for.

In the end as I have said before, the answer to this needs to be: reaching out to the Jewish communities in a way that they can understand, common ground among the activists, a strategic plan in order to form a common goal, and help from the United States. If ths all were to come together, it would be better for all involved. There are many good activist groups and people with the intentions of helping. The pathways in which to do this are ill defined and inconsistent. There needs to not be focus on things like what and who is a Zionist, but look at the whole picture.

We need to look at what is going to happen to Israel and the Palestinians. What will benefit them in the long run? What will benefit the US. How are the Jewish communities in the United States being affected? The Government is supposed to act within the voice of the people. If this is true, they need to be reaching out for help within the Jewish communities. At the very least, they need to help the Jewish activists to reach within the communities and educate people on what is really going on. The Jewish feel that there is no hope. The situation with Israel has been going on way too long.

They want to act, but a quick fix is not the answer. They need the resources and education to unite and come up with a long term solution. This needs to include, the Jewish communities, non-Jewish communities and the Government. What the Government is doing, clearly isnt working at this point. What do they have to lose by turning to the Jewish clearly isnt working at this point. What do they have to lose by turning to the Jewish communities, and the activists who are highly educated on what is really going on? It surely cant hurt. We need to put misconceptions behind us as a country and help fight for what is right.

In order for this to work, there needs to be some form of unity among all the people, whether Jewish or non-Jewish. People should not be afraid to speak out based on misconceptions or what they do not understand. Fear is stopping people from gaining the potential to make a stand for change. It is time that not oly the activists pull it together, but the Government as well, as far as a vision for the United States and Israel. From the article, it appears that the Jewish communities are a long way from making an impact, or fully understanding what is going on.

The Government will continue with what they think is right, without the voice of the people. This is the worst thing that could continue to happen. I feel that the article was good at waking people up to what is really going on with Zionism. The situation not only in Israel, but what we are or arent dong here in the United States and why. The article hit home more, because it was a discussion of real people; People who are involved in Jewish activism. Some of these people are Jewish. I think that the words of this article are going to have more impact, than just some write up about the topic in a vague matter.

When real people are involved, it becomes more personal to the reader. It becomes about real people with real concerns and issues. It is also better to hear what is going on from the inside. This article is just not one view or one voice, but many. .They all have problems, outlooks and obstacles that need to be overcome. This stems from their hard work as activists. They are working for the common good of people, and there needs to be a change in foreign policy. We need to listen to the people who are truly linked to the history of Israel.

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