The Importance Of Packaging Of A Product Towards Attracting Female Consumers Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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One of the first things that interact with a customer is the packaging in which a product is stored in. The package is the immediate and the first interface that comes into contact with the customer. Much of what the producer has made is communicated through the design of this package. Historical research shows that the importance of packaging as a part of the marketing strategy cannot be undermined and that it is no longer valid to consider the package as a mere element of the product it has an entire marketing appeal associated to it.

The appeal of the packaging is immense: it can either attract the consumer or lure them away. Basically speaking, the package is the reflection of the product. This may perhaps not be completely true but in reality, the consumer perceives the value and details of the product according to its package. (Positioning a New Product in an Uncertain Market) The package of a product provides the initial conversation with a consumer as to its contents. It is necessary for the package to be attractive, eye-catchy, unique and out-of-the box to be appealing to the consumer.

Many a times, some packages have been appealing due to the simplest of all designing features. Graphic designing and splashing a blend of colors on the package allows it to either stand out as a remarkable product or a cheap buy. This is due to the fact that not all color splashes have the same appeal and only a very few combinations of graphics and colors will appeal to a majority of the consumers as something attractive. Marketers need to understand and use those colors effectively in their packages to ensure maximum product success.

In the case of female consumers, this case is even stronger. It often happens that the package successfully woos the female customer into focusing their attention towards the product. It has been discovered in retail stores and shopping complexes that in a variety of products, the consumer tends to be attracted to the product that has the most appealing or attractive packaging. For example, a store aisle housing different washing powders may have up to 10 different brands of washing powders. Each may claim to be the best in cleaning or possess the new cleaning power.

However, the consumer is burdened with a time constraint that does not allow them enough liberty to read what is written on the packages of each washing powder. Thus, the initial tendency of the consumer will be towards grabbing up the washing powder that has an attractive packaging. The customer will spend probably a jiffy reading the contents of the package. The chances of a consumer purchasing the brand will be higher if the package is attractive after they held it closer to them. This is because of the fact that graphic designing has made it possible for packages to be attractive from a distance and very plain when held near.

Female consumers tend to be attracted and impressed by the packages that are attractive from a distance as well as when held near. Many researchers have supported this fact through numerous experiments in and out of retail stores. Following are the results of a survey carried out across the United States major cities in selected middle sized retail stores. The statistics display the percentage of women consumers who regard and depend on the package of a product to judge the quality of the product.

It was observed that a significantly large percentage of women responded to the package of the product and were influenced by its design when it came to making a decision. On average, it can be safely said that 90% of women responded to the package of the products when making a buying decision. This psychic of women can be explained by the fact that human nature is prone to be attracted to something very appealing and charming. The graphic design on a package matters a lot in this regard. Sophisticated color combinations and designs can be easily generated that will attract a large consumer base.

Women, in general, tend to be affected by graphic packaging more strongly than not. Marketers realize this and this has lead to the influx of unique packages on various women-oriented products such as perfumes, cosmetics and women wear. The package not only lures them towards believing that the product is a high-quality one but it also induces prospects to turn into customers by having a pull effect through the fantastic package mix. Constant investment by consumer product firms and fast-moving consumer good companies into the package design is evidence to the fact that packaging has immense influence on the consumers buying decision.

Particularly about women, when it comes to jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, kitchen products, household cleaning products (bleaches, etc) and women wear. In conclusion, I would to assert on the fact that the package of a product is no longer just a non-communicating element. Rather, it is one of the most important and direct interacting objects with the consumer that takes the message about the product across to the consumer. In the case of women, this particularly, becomes even more important in luring them towards the products.

Commodities such as commodities, jewelry and perfume have packages that are designed keeping into view this observation. They are designed specially to be attractive to women and are done according to the attention-catching devices known to work on women. Thus, the package of a product has immense importance in attracting female customers and in developing an early perception about the product in their minds. Nevertheless, marketers should understand this function of the package of a product and accordingly use strategies that will result in maximum consumer attraction.

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