The Higher Education in Europe and the Role of Education in People Essay

Published: 2019-10-30 17:12:17
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The higher education has an important role in society by creating new knowledgements and apply them to the students.

Europe has over 4 thousands higher form learning institutions with over 19 milions students and over 1.5 milions staff. Some of the best universities in the world are found in Europe but they are not exploited to their full potential. Some of the reasons that they are not exploited to their full potential are maybe because they have insufficient funds, or bad management tools or because not many young people attend to an university from various reasons like lack of money or lack of highschool studies.

This is a situation that can be resolved if the public institutions from the states would work together with the universities in creating programs to attract young people to attend a higher form of education by telling them the advantages they could get from it. They can also attract adults to attend an higher form of education. They can find solutions with which they could aid financially more people who want to attend a higher form of education that they already do.

A good step in the right direction was made with the Bologna process which is meant to promote the mobility of the students in Europe by creating learning certificates that can be recognized all over Europe and to ensure a higher quality of teaching. It is a voluntary commitement taken by each country who want to reforme their education sistems. To this process they want to obtain the development of the European dimension of education, to promote cooperation between education institutes and the development of the information exchange regarding the mutual problems of the education sistems in the member states.

In conclusion education has a very important role in the peoples life because it can help you grow up right and gives you a choice in life, it enhances your knowledge, it helps you pursue your dream, raises your chance to get a good job, to become someone, it improves the quality of your life.

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