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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Have you ever had troubles when working in a group? Dont know how to communicate with group members; cannot get a compromise when not meeting on a common ground; or something just like a nightmare, group members even dont do the work at all. Since no one is totally the same as another person, we human beings all have our own characteristics; troubles appear when the group work goes on inevitably. So dont be afraid of working in groups because of these troubles, those are the experience that most of us had or having. This article will introduce some tips to help you work in groups smoothly.

Respect your group members Have you ever had the experience when working groups like this? The group leader uses verbs to start every sentence, Print it. Give me your part. Finish it before tonight. Sometimes this tone of command, may finished the project super efficiently. But the fact is that no members in the group felt like they are a group, they did what the leader told them, and did not have the chance to express their opinion to the project, so no one is happy in the group. No equal conversation and respect is what one should remember at first when working in groups.

No matter you are a group member or leader, treat others in group with respect, so that everyone can have the confidence and interest in talking about their thoughts to the work, so that your work can go smoothly and be more creative. Remember group work aims to produce as many ideas as possible in a limited time, and most of them do not to be evaluated until they are handed out. So listen to every thought with respect is necessary and a must. ·Ask for help Ask for help is not a thing that should feel ashamed, and it doesnt mean bother others. Actually this is what I learned after I came to study at America.

In some culture, or because of some personal reasons, asking for help is not an easy thing that everybody can do without any hesitation. I am a shy person, I have difficult in communicating in English¦Those negative thoughts made me rarely ask for help from my group members, I tried to solve the problems in my way, but the fact is the gap between us is wider and wider, at first what I did not understand is just some words, at last I even dont know what to do in the group. But if I asked one of them about the project, I may not have to suffer from such a terrible situation.

I realized that asking for help is ordinary since I talked with my advisor. She said the culture here is to ask if you have difficulties, that is not a thing that may feel ashamed, because everyone has difficulties, no one can live without any help from others, that is human being. So do mind like Isnt is sounds stupid if I ask him to explain what he said? , that is not stupid, everyone has the experience to feel confused, some of them may be solved by yourself, but some of them can not, so ask for help at any time if you feel confused.

Write down all the ideas Sometimes the discussion might be super active, members all have tons of ideas to say, and all of them are splendid. The discussion is so wonderful that the group feel like they would become the king of the world tomorrow because of these ideas. Everyone is talking, talking, talking, when the discussion is over, what still left in members head is that they had an excellent discussion, but what the ideas are specifically? No one remember clearly. What they forgot? The note.

Remember the note while doing the discussion, write down all the thoughts so that there would not be something forgotten or lost, and its convenient for everyone in the group to check the ideas. If its too fast to write down all the thoughts from your group members, dont forget to use a recording device. ·Exchange contact information This is a very important point in-group working. To find a time available for everyone in the group is not an easy thing, but must be done to accomplish the project. Someone may say privacy is very important for me so that I will not tell you guys my contact information.

If this kind of person is in your group, try to persuade him, if you cant do that, then dont let him in your group. This is the base for working together; the project is set up on members contact. The example is like a member did not give others his contact information, did not show up on the rehearsal, then the presentation day came, other members even dont know where he planned to begin and finish his part, the whole group work looking by others is just like a mass, a person destroyed a group. Working in groups is not an easy thing to do, but is there anything easy to do if you want to get something?

The answer is no. So its just like everything else in the world, you may have some troubles while doing it, but finally will overcome if you try hard. Every lock has a key for it to open; every problem has a way to solve. Working in a group makes complex questions easy to be answered, heavy works become lighter; it can develops communication skills as well. If you overcome the troubles you had during working in groups, these benefits are all yours. So be positive when workings in groups, if you stay actively, it must be a wonderful experience.

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