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Published: 2020-01-09 09:11:47
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Indeed the family unit is under pressure in todays world. The family units can strategically set limits and have communication by consistently listening to the childrens woes and guiding them accordingly. Most things go wrong in the family because of the apparent hectic lives of the parents thus leaving their children in the hands of people who are not very keen with their childrens development. Parents are the legitimate leaders of a family and they should create an amicable and conducive environment for communication to their children as a panacea of enabling them to have the right lifestyle.

They should talk to their children, guide them and let them to know the right things they should embrace and the wrong things they should shun. Specific standards should be set in terms of the programs to be watched and the people they should interact with. In addition, this will influence the lifestyle of children and thus reduce the pressure of social dysfunction manifested. The church as an agent of socialization has a major role in developing support and structure of the current culture.

The church has to socialize the society by furnishing it with the right values to their kids and the family as a whole (Hughes, 2005). The church has also to fundamentally play the role of creating strong families by consistently talking to parents and providing them with tips which are essential to enable them to raise their children. This will eventually have a positive influence to the current culture. The contemporary family is steadily losing the battle as the strong influence of their children lives because it is faced with myriad of problems.

It has failed to have the leadership of the parents because the parents have no moral authority to advice their children. In essence, todays family is a disintegrated one making the children to lack mentors and role models and thus leading them to emulate people who they think are doing the right thing which in most cases is misplaced; they end up choosing the wrong people. The community can be a successful part of socialization when it comes up with stringent morals and values that are enforced by all its members.

The element of collective responsibility has to be emphasized for the community to successfully socialize children (Hughes, 2005). For instance, if a member of the community cites a person selling vulgar material to children they should report to the authorities even if the children are not their own. The penalties that come with straying away from the stipulated norms should also be harsh for the community to successfully socialize children.


Hughes, M. (2005) Inside Sociology. United States: McGraw Hill.

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