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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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There is no need to elaborate on the impact of the Cold War not only within the United States but even around the world. But in America the Cold War dictated government policies, how money should be spent and even the aims and scope of technological development. The most important thing to remember about the Cold War is that it was brought about by the clash of two differing ideologies. The Americans believe in Democratic ideals while the Russians were convinced that the world can be a better place under communism.

In the decade of the 90s it became apparent that communism is not a viable option and that it was a theory that could not work in the real world. According to Daniels, The conventional wisdom is that Communism was a utopian experiment, based on the insidious theory of Marxism-Leninism, defying human nature, but cruelly foisted upon hapless population until at length the Soviet Empire proved incapable of keeping up in the global competition for power (2007). In 1991 the world saw the demise of communism (Daniels, 2007).

It was victory for Americans who believed in democracy but without the USSR the United States will have to make a lot of adjustments especially when it comes to the realization that there is now one remaining superpower in the global arena. In the words of D Sousa The collapse of Soviet Union left America as the worlds sole superpower, with unrivaled military superiority (2002). It will take some time before Americans will fully understand the implications of being the only remaining superpower in the planet.

But this could easily mean more pressure for the United States to lead responsibly. There will also mean more pressure for the United States to help other countries in great need. Aside from that the United States needed to evolve into a more efficient bureaucracy. Looking back it would have been easier to have USSR as the enemy. Communism can be considered a serious threat but it is something that is highly visible unlike in the current war on terror where the enemy is unseen. Conclusion

Each decade was characterized by an event or a series of related events. The proponent of this study chose the rise of television broadcasting, the Cold War, influx of immigration, and the fall of communism as the most important events that shaped American history. These events are interrelated, for instance the TV was instrumental in bringing the whole nation closer together during key moments in this nations history. It made Americans fully understand the implications of the Cold War.

On the other hand the Cold War galvanized Americans to work together to build a stronger nation that could withstand the onslaught of communism. Based on the important events discussed in the preceding pages it is possible to anticipate what will happen in the next decade. Mass media will continue to play a major role in American society but aside from the TV set, Americans have the Internet. The United States will continue to dominate world affairs because it will remain as the only superpower in the global arena in the near future.

Immigration issues will continue to be a hot topic in political discussions. In the next decade Americans will realize that this nation is one big melting pot of different ethnic groups. Its citizens will have to find a way to exist as such and to find ways to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor especially those who are poor because of their ethnic background. The United States will have to come to terms with the fact that being the only superpower is similar to having a big bulls-eye painted on its back.

There will be other nations who will find it convenient to use America as their scapegoat. They will continue to blame the US as to why they are struggling economically. The US government will have to be prepared for such rhetoric and yet at the same time careful not to be frustrated and tell the world that starting today America will focus on its own problems and will turn its back against the needy and the helpless. It is still Americas destiny to be the bulwark for democracy and a beacon of hope for many.

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