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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Miss Havisham, her dream is rather alarming as she wants too seek revenge on all male sex the reason for this is because of the cruel treatment she received from her fian. Since that day she has been wearing the same bridal clothing and has not removed anything out or out of place in her home. She lives her life vicariously through Estella whom she adopted and is used to break every males heart. She invites males from when they are young so slowly there hearts may be broken, eventually her dream also fails as many know about her plans and they tend to ignore her. Well, I thought I overheard Miss Havisham answer- only it seemed so unlikely- Well, you can break his heart.' (Pg. 59)

Another instance of foreshadowing, this is the first point in the story when the reader can see Miss Havishams plot with Estella. Further on her plans come to an end as Estella is married to Drummel who is a cold hearted man and now she is beaten and treated the same as his animals as drummel states in the novel also Estella says he whips his horses, in comparison Im spared. Now Estella ends back at Satis house alone just like Miss Havisham, neither the two have succeeded in there dreams.

Abel Magwitch, who is at first a gruesome prisoner that escapes on the marshes where he meets pip. ¦for he gave me a look that I did not understand, and it all passed in a moment. But if he had looked at me for an hour, or a day, I could not have remembered his face ever afterwards, as having been more attentive. (Pg. 37) Pip is talking about his convict after the soldiers catch him. This passage is important to the story because it foreshadows all that is to come. Pip could not interpret what the convict felt for him.

He was sent down to Australia where he made a fortune by farming but after all that time he still risked his life and came back to England so he can be pips benefactor, because of the favour pip had done him. Pip does not know who his benefactor is as he couldnt even imagine it would be Magwitch. Yes, Pip, dear boy, Ive made a gentleman on you! (Pg. 315) Magwitch tells Pip this the first night he comes to his house. It reveals that Magwitch is his benefactor and this one statement totally changes Pips outlook on his good fortune. His dream comes to an end as he is sophisticated and does not realise that he is a convict, the novel ends where he began it as a convict, no improvements has been made in his life also.

All the characters did not go far with there dreams as they too hasty into doing things, firstly pip with all the money he has he squanders it all, Miss Havisham relies on Estella when she is married and beaten and Magwitch who is an escaped convict doesnt realise that pip cannot become a gentleman as Magwitch himself is not a noble person. All three characters inhabit imperfection in their own personalities and are ruined matters beyond their control.

Pip tries to become a gentleman when his benefactor is not a nobleman and his origin is a blacksmith, Miss Havisham adopts Estella to take her revenge through Estella and Magwitch is trying to be pips father which he can never be, none realise and are expecting too much of themselves. All characters are linked in this way that they could try to use any means to make there dreams come true but it will not work as somewhere at some point there will be a tun over as they are imperfect in some ways.

All their dreams are unreal and because of this they act unusually and behave the way they shouldnt. Their expectations are far too great for them too control over and from this they fail into fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. This novel is a mirror image of dickens and from this he wanted for the middle and upper classes to understand the lifes of the working class people and also children along with the difficulties and hardship they had to go through.

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