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Published: 2019-11-14 00:12:57
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he third most important aspect of advertising is editing this is the effects and special effects used to make the advert look better or say that now is the time to take the next step up in technology. There are two types of editing basic editing and the more special effects editing examples like the Renault scenic advert only uses basic editing which is the quick shots of the four locations and shots of the car apart from the opening and closing scene where they use a cartoon style opening and closing effect the Connexions advert also uses basic editing with its quick shots of the different areas. The two advert only have on scene where they use special effects and thats shown when they show us there logo or company name the Burger King advert does it too but the burger king advert uses the most special effects or uses it for the longest some examples are when it changes scene it uses a clock type motion showing that time is an aspect of the advert.

Sound effects are quite important as they gives us an awareness on whats going on around us so this does have an impact on the viewers opinion on the advert or the product being advertised. On the Renault scenic advert in the four locations they have there relatives noises for that area like the car on the runway will have noises of planes which it has. The Connexions advert and the Burger King advert has sound effects too which are also relative to there locations apart from the burger king advert where it has ooooooo and aaaahhh at the monumental sites instead of the noises which are meant to be there.

Adverts, a lot of the time use lights to help set the mood upon the advertised product and what its meant to do. In the Renault scenic advert its fun in the sun and its safe in the dark. The Burger King advert it is warm and sunny which is what weather in America is like. The Connexions advert they only use dark or just dim light making it a quite depressing environment.

Music is used a lot in advertising because messages can be sent through songs and music this is done especially on the radio this is clearly shown and done in the Renault scenic advert, it uses the songs given in the order they are shown, summer holidays by Cliff Richard, Hi Ho Silver Lining by Geoff Beck, Teenage dirt bag by Weetus etc.. The Burger King advert has a Texas style chorus when arriving at the Burger King restaurant and the Connexions advert doesnt use any music because you wouldnt really have any in the back round when you are being told of.

A lot of adverts use certain graphics or logos like the Burger King advert uses a slogan from there logo which is got the Urge, go to Burger King and it has fire flaming at the bottom of the screen advertising the new flamin Whopper. The Connexions advert uses the slogan lets talk about you and the Renault scenic advert has the slogan change your scenery and there logo Creature der Automobiles.

The advert which worked most successfully the Connexions advert as it was just straight forward and easy to understand and it points out yes, if you are getting nagged and never get a chance to say anything then we will listen to you and the editing with all the voices perfectly merged together was pretty impressive. The Burger King advert comes next as it was to a simple advert just saying there no time for anything except for the new flamed grilled flamin Whopper for just ¯¿½1.99. these two advert worked well because they where both aimed at any age group where the Renault scenic advert was basically aimed at twenty year people and

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