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Within the United States of America, arguments, involving the Confederate Flag, are solved every sngle day. However, some controversies have managed to carry on from the 1800s until present day without any solution. The text and symbolic meaning behind the Confederate Flag is a perfect example. The Confederate Flag is one of Americas most embattled symbolic controversies.

Created in 1861in a battle between the South, Confederates, and the North, Union, two men by the name P. G. T. Beauregard and Congressman William P. Miles designed and created a flag that would represent the true southern pride and demands that would not only bring about conflict with one half of the nation but also with our American society today. The South wanted to fulfill their demands of a new government with a victory, but the North opposed that thought. Today, people in our society misunderstand and misinterpret the true meaning behind the Confederate Flag and what it represents.

People have came to believe that the Confederate Flag represents slavery in the 19th century, but in actuality it represents people wanting to govern themselves. The Confederacy had two flags. One being a national flag or the stars and bars and the other to be a battle flag. The southern people believed their national flag was to be respected and not to be used in battle so they wanted a battle flag. Two men by the names, P. G. T. Beauregard and Congressman William P. Miles came up with the design.

These men were chosen because of their active duty within the Confederacy. Both showed much pride and served with active duty. P. G. T. Beauregard was chosen as one of the eight full leading generals and led the Confederacy to their first win in battle in the battle of Manassas and commanded at the Battle of Shiloh after Albert Sidney Johnstons death. Given such great honor, he was chosen to be one of the designers of the flag. William P. Miles was appointed by the Provisional Congress as chairman of the Flag and Seal Committee.

William Miles took much pride in the Confederacy and what they represented so was chosen to help design flags for the nation and approval of them as well. Their design was similar in comparison to the national flag. The battle flag would have a blue X on a red field. The flag had thirteen stars to represent the thirteen states in the Confederacy, often referred to as the Rebel Flag, Southern Cross, or Dixie Flag. It represented a battle for a lesser government, just as P. G. T, Beauregard and Miles followed.

These men and their fellow Southerners wanted less taxes and for people to govern themselves. The flag was flown in honor of those fighting for these demands and the pride of the confederacy and their struggle to win. In conclusion, both men shared great dignity in the Confederacy and wanted to represent their people and demands with reason to overturn the government. This flag was first flown in July 21st, 1861 and is still displayed in the United States. Both men, today, continue to receive much honor for their active duty served and creating a flag that symbolizes the Southern nation as one.

The typical audiences portraying the Rebel Flag, in a majority, are whites. Back in the 1800s during the battle of the Civil War, blacks were mainly looked down upon and used as slaves. Blacks had no power amongst the white people in the southern states and were to work for them and follow their orders. Due to this, only white people had taken pride in their flag. Whites were fighting for their demands of a better government. Thus, only white people played a main role during this time period. Yet, blacks, being viewed down upon at this time, are viewed in the audience as well.

Today, blacks look at the situation as a major issue with their race at the time and hopes for survival. But why is this? When the flag is presented in our society today, some look at the flag, with disgust, as representation of racism because the flag was flown during a time period in which racism dominantly occurred. Also, based upon the text I had chosen, it consists of white people in battle. The audience of the text promptly follows the text with pride. These audience members were not just white or black people, but also southerners and northerners.

In the battle it was the southerners of the thirteen confederate states of America who portrayed the flag as a new government ran by the people when the North portrayed the flag as a banishment of a perfectly ran government. No northerners opposed the idea that the Confederacy should be erased as the no southerners opposed the idea of a new government. Thus, made the issue more complicated due to disagreements. The reaction of the southern white audience would portray anger due to their loss in battle as well as pride in their sacrifice.

The audience would have hoped for a different conclusion to the battle giving the Confederates the victory and joyfulness of their people at the time. The northerners reacted the exact opposite. They celebrated their victory and the government was given more dominance. The author intended the reaction of the audience to be very informed because a great amount of information and history was given. The author knew what the flag truly represented and wanted the readers to know the same. Given so much information, the audience would become very informed and learn to understand the flag in a respectful manner.

However, people in this present day continue to fly the flag with no knowledge of the meaning or respect. Some, with no knowledge, look at the flag as a gang or group symbol while others respectfully present it as a historical time period. So why get rid of this flag? Being a nation that prohibits slavery in written law, some Americans who continue to believe the false rumor that the flag represents slavery and racism or are less educated with the history behind the flag and want to get rid of it.

Our society has represented the Confederate flag in a disrespectful manner and needs to change that. Hear the Northern thunders mutter! Northern flags in Souths winds flutter! To Arms, To Arms, To Arms in Dixie! Send them back your fierce defiance! Stamp upon the cursed alliance! To Arms, To Arms, To Arms in Dixie! Advance the flag of Dixie! Hurrah! Hurrah! For Dixies land we take our stand, And we live or die for Dixie! To Arms! To Arms! And conquer peace for Dixie! To Arms! To Arms! And conquer peace for Dixie! Confederacy chant.

Many people praise it, display it, and chant it, yet others view it with pure disgust. Once again, the Confederate or Rebel Flag has been shoved onto the table of debate due to the raising of the flag in front of the South Carolina State House. So much debate has arose that President Obama was questioned where this flag should be placed? President Obama replied with a very considerate answer. His answer was, In a museum. But why would he want to take down the flag and retire it? Many have applauded him upon the issue, yet others are left confused as to why?

Many people fly the Confederate Flag with pride and none of which are racist. In fact, the flag does not even represent anything considering racism. Only current connotation has led people to believe that. People today do not understand the true meaning and history behind the flag so they are unknowingly spreading false information. It is compared to the Nazi flag as a white supremacy symbol today. Another fact is that the Confederate Flag was never once flown on a slave ship; it was the present American flag that had been flown.

The true meaning behind the flag was a lesser or new government. Southern people were getting tired of being overtaxed and wanted to govern themselves. Following these demands, arguments between the North and South grew more intense. Slaves were more acceptable in the south rather than the north. Southerners main use of slaves was to work in plantations to help incorporate a better and more profitable farm. This was not ok with the northerners. The northerners believed slavery was uncivilized and should be abolished.

Prior to his election, Abraham Lincoln said he wanted to free the slaves. This quote developed more controversy especially since Lincoln, at the time, had slaves of his own. Southerners became furious such an ironic statement and began stating their opinions about the presidency towards Lincoln while demanding a lesser government, lower taxes, and to keep slavery. Northerners began to stand behind Lincoln and would speak on behalf of him. More issues and controversies developed which lead to a feud between the North and South.

This feud is now known as, the American Civil War (1861-1865). In mix of battle, the Confederacy respected their national flag and did not want it to be displayed in mix of battle. This is when the Rebel or Battle Flag was created. As Confederates would rush into battle, they would carry the thirteen-stared blue X on a red field flag with pride and dignity. The Confederates then formed secession from the United States becoming, the Confederate States of America as the northerners became referred to as the Union.

After carrying their flag for four bloodshed/devastating years, the Confederacy fell to the Union. Slavery would then become abolished as would the Confederate States of America. The Rebel Flag then slowly began to disappear. Due to the, all of a sudden, emergence of the flag in our society today, people argue that it should be rid of or as Obama said, In a museum. The flag, to a majority people, is a historical symbol that brings back the thought of their ancestors who fought in battle and our nation falling apart when the North and South fought killing 620,000 of our nations people.

The flag stood out in Civil War as a symbol of the South wanting a change in government. Our society needs to become more educated when it comes to the understanding of Confederate Flag and learn how to display it in a correct manner. With great debate over the embattled symbolic meaning behind the Confederate Flag, our society has yet to reach a solution. Many people are continuing to spread false information while others are arguing the true meaning behind the flag. Who knows how long this controversy will last. P. G. T. Beauregard and William P.

Miles created the flag to represent the southern demands of a lesser government with no disregard towards racism. Confederates used the flags symbolic meaning to connect their nation as one and to fight together to overcome this battle with the North. As I previously mentioned, our society needs to learn to become more educated when it comes to understanding the Confederate Flag and learn to display it in a proper manner. As a nation we must learn to solve and consider our issues rather than speaking with fault and resorting to violence.

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