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Published: 2019-12-23 00:02:11
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It involves people sending and receiving messages.
We all communicate or send messages continuously.
1. A person has an idea.
2. They code their message(using words or non-verbal means)
3. They send their messages to someone else ( by speaking)
4. A second person then receives the message (e.g. by hearing what has been said or by noticing non-verbal communication)
5. The second person decodes the message.
6. The message is understood.

Once the original message has been understood, the cycle will be repeated if the second person replies or responds. Repetitions of the communication cycle are an essential part of our relationships, and occur every time we have conversation.

Tuckmans Theory

When a group is first put together they go through the forming stage, each individual does not know their positions in their team therefore not producing work and ideas as they are concentrating on finding their place in the team.

This is the second stage of the theory, each individual sees themselves as part of the team but some friction can be created as some individuals may challenge others for the same position in the team such as the leader.

This stage is when the team pulls together and works well, they all know what they are doing and what position they are, this means they can produce ideas and develop them.

This is the final stage, when they are working together effectively and performance is delivered.

Group Evaluation
Our teacher gave us a task to do which was to test our knowledge of communication. This task involved our whole class working as a group and making decisions ourselves. We had to make up team rules and pick a team leader. Forming We had to pick a team leader and team rules. We had difficulty doing this as none of us wanted to speak up and take control as we didnt know what our positions were within the group. Storming When doing the team rules we had a few people try take over even though we had all chosen the team leader we wanted. Norming The team leader started acting like a team leader and started giving each of us things to do that would contribute to the task and get it finished on time. We all knew what we were meant to be doing within our smaller groups. Performing The group I was put in worked really well together we all knew what we doing and got on with it. We produce a good poster and managed to finish in time.

The Role of Effective Communication
Communication is vital in a healthcare and social care setting. The patient and the healthcare professional need to understand each other clearly in order for the patient to receive the best possible care. Providing care to a patient is next to impossible if the patients needs cannot be clearly stated. Communication eases anxiety of the patient, eliminates more possibilities for mistakes, and lets each party know what is expected of them.

Case Study

Eileen Morgan has worked in a pre-school nursery for the last 15 years. During this time she has developed very good relationships with the children she cares for. Students who come to the nursery on work placement eventually notice that the children really like to talk to Eileen. This is partly because Eileen listens more than she talks when she is interacting with a child. Eileen is always very encouraging when a child comes to speak to her. She smiles a lot, focuses on their face, but also notices what they are doing. She says this helps her to understand what the child is feeling. She gives each child plenty of time to talk, staying quiet when the child pauses and uses sounds like mm, uh huh and little phrases like I see, thats good and tell me more to encourage them.

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