The Benefits of Being a Physical Therapist Essay

Published: 2019-12-12 08:32:48
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Professional realization is one of the most important aspects of life for most contemporary people. Its obvious that a person should be satisfied with what he/she is doing in order to reach the high level of professionalism, thus when choosing a career I considered some factors beside the size of the salary and job security.

            The first and one of the weightiest arguments for choosing the career of a Physical Therapist was the variety of working environments it offered. I dont have much experience with different working environments, thus Im not sure what will suit me the best. That is why Im going to try all of the environments where the PT could be employed, such as hospital, clinic, patients home, social security service or some other facility. I believe that the quality of work often depends on the environment the person is in, thus I m attracted by the variety of alternatives the PTs job offers.

I am also sure, that the physical condition of the patient is subordinate to his/her psychological condition. It often happens that the patient doesnt show any improvements in a hospital or clinic because of the strange environment he/she is in, and when he/she is transferred home, the process of getting better accelerates greatly. I like the idea to qualify as a PT because it will give me the opportunity to help people out of hospital environment, everywhere where they will need my help and assistance.

            One more reason for which I decided to take this occupation is that it allows making the life of the elderly people more qualitative by showing them that their body is still capable of doing the things theyve long forgotten about. In my opinion physical therapy is one of the keys for solving some of the psychological problems the elderly have as it helps this category of people to feel in control of their lives again. The duration of life has increased greatly through the past century, and the next task the society and the medical workers have to face is making the life of the elderly more qualitative by giving them physical ability to continue the full social life they led when being younger.

I feel that Physical Therapist is one of the specialists most needed for accomplishing this task, as he/she is able to explain the older people what should they do to preserve their health and activity as long as possible. PT will advice on the choice of physical activities, which is one of the basic things for healthy life, will recommend the hours this or that person needs them a week. PT is even able to advice on the choice of the diet that will help to preserve physical and mental activity.

Another category of clients I would like to work with are professional athletes, as those people are exploring the borders of that what the humans body is capable of, and this is one of the topics that interests me the most about the human beings. Id like to know how the professional sportsmen manage to reach the results ordinary people cant even dream about.

It is also known that this category of people often have health problems regardless of their perfect physical shape. I would like to help professional athletes to keep that balance between the impressive sports achievements and physical health for to increase the period they can perform actively and reduce the negative effect of the continuous trainings most of them have from their early childhood.

            The last but not the least argument for choosing thee career of PT was the challenges this job offered. The thing is that every person the PT has to work with is unique, thus treating him/her needs special individually developed strategy that will help him/her realize their full potential without harming the organism. For me it is very fascinating to help the humans body work the way it has to work, to discover the great potential each of the human beings has, and which often stays covered because of the mistakes people make in their choice of occupation, lifestyle, quantity of physical activities and nutrition during their life-span.

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