The Basic Characteristics of an Effective Management Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The basic objective of MIS is to provide information support tothe management in the organization for decision making. So an effective MIS should startits journey from appraisal of management needs, mission and goal of the businessorganization. It may be individual or collective goals of an organization. The MIS is suchthat it serves all the levels of management in an organization i.e. top, middle and lower level.

II.Management directed:

When MIS is management-oriented, it should be directed by themanagement because it is the management who tells their needs and requirements moreeffectively than anybody else.Manager should guide the MIS professionals not only at the stage of planning but also ondevelopment, review and implementation stages so that effective system should be theend product of the whole exercise in making an effective MIS.


It means a comprehensive or complete view of all the sub systems in theorganization of a company. Development of information must be integrated so that all theoperational and functional information sub systems should be worked together as a singleentity. This integration is necessary because it leads to retrieval of more meaningful anduseful information.

IV.Common data flows:

The integration of different sub systems will lead to a commondata flow which will further help in avoiding duplicacy and redundancy in datacollection, storage and processing. For example, the customer orders are the basis for many activities in an organization viz. billing, sales for cashing, etc. Data is collected bya system analyst from its original source only one time. Then he utilizes the data withminimum number of processing procedures and uses the information for productionoutput documents and reports in small numbers and eliminates the undesirable data. Thiswill lead to elimination of duplication that simplify the operations and produce anefficient information system.

V.Heavy planning-element:

The preparation of MIS is not a one or two day exercise. Itusually takes 3 to 5 years and sometimes a much longer period. So the system expert hasto keep 2 things in mind one is that he has to keep future objectives as well as the firmsinformation well in advance and also he has to keep in mind that his MIS will not beobsolete before it gets into action.

VI.Sub System concept:

When a problem is seen in 2 sub parts, then the better solution tothe problem is possible. Although MIS is viewed as a single entity but for its effectiveuse, it should be broken down in small parts or subsystems so that more attention andinsight is paid to each sub system. Priorities will be set and phase of implementation will be made easy. While making or breaking down the whole MIS into subsystems, it should be kept in mind that the subsystems should be easily manageable.

VII.Common database:

This is the basic feature of MIS to achieve the objective of usingMIS in business organizations. It avoids duplication of files and storage which leads toreduction in costs. Common database means a Super file or Master file whichconsolidates and integrates data records formerly stored in many separate data files. Theorganization of the database allows it to be accessed by each subsystem and thus,eliminates the necessity of duplication in data storage, updating, deletion and protection.


MIS can be used without a computer. But the use of computersincreases the effectiveness and the efficiency of the system. The queries can be handledmore quickly and efficiently with the computerized MIS. The other benefits are accuracy,storage capacity and timely information.

IX.User friendly/Flexibility:

An MIS should be flexible i.e. there should be room for further modification because the MIS takes much time in preparation and our environment is dynamic in nature.MIS should be such that it should be usedindependently by the end user so that they do not depend on the experts.

X.Information as a resource:

Information is the major ingredient of any MIS. So, an MISshould be treated as a resource and managed properly

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