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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Pregnancy is said to be one of the most exciting and most awaited part of a married woman and to her partner. Physical changes on womans body happen, also, one should be able to adjust these bodily changes and most importantly the womans needs to be able to be psychologically prepared (Felipe, 2010). The woman is waiting for 9months to give birth to a new life that will make a family be called a family. However there are pregnancies that are untimed, unplanned, and unintended. This make things more difficult to teenager who found out that she is pregnant.(Felipe, 2010) Local Related Literature

Teen pregnancy is an obvious issue in our community. (Jacinto L., 2006). UNFPA country representative, said the rising number of teenage pregnancies in the country is an area of concern that the agency is giving serious attention (Daniels U., 2012). About one-third of all pregnancies in the Philippines occur between the ages of 15 and 24. (Santos A., 2012).

There are factors affecting a teenager that makes them get into pregnancy. Different socio-economic factors realities like the phenomenon of OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) parents or having both parents working contribute to teenage pregnancies. (Natividad J., 2012) Apparently, hanging out at home alone with their boyfriends makes teens more likely to get pregnant. (Delacruz, N., 2012). According to Dr. Natividad revealed, more often than not, teenagers first have sex or engage in sexual activities at home (either the girls or the boys home). Foreign Related Studies

The mass media with its sexualized content is another contributing factor that perpetuates teenage pregnancies as it gives teenagers easy access to pornographic, adult television programs and multimedia text messages. It seems that many societies are going through high moral degeneration as pornographic information is accessible free of charge via devices such as computers and cell phones. Free access to pornographic material on the internet is also likely to influence teenagersŸ minds. Therefore, it is recommended that there should be strict restrictions in assessing pornographic material.

The literatures and researches show that environmental factors; family, peers, and media are affecting a teenage woman to get into sexual relationship that will result into unwanted pregnancy. Different studies describe that teenage pregnancy rates are higher among teens who watch lots of movies with explicit sexual behaviour and sex dialogue on television as compared to those who do not watch those kinds of movies.

It is also clear that watching lots of sex on TV can influence teens to have sex at earlier ages, and television shows that highlight the positive aspects of sexual behavior without the risks can also lead teens to have unprotected sex before they are ready to make responsible and informed decisions (Love Life, 2007).

Foreign Related Literature
Media contribute to teenage pregnancy through Movies that depict teen pregnancy as something to be desired encourage teens to engage in reckless sexual activity, according to ABCs Good Morning America. During adolescence, teenagers become more conscious about their physical appearance and how their peers perceive them.

Also making teenage pregnancy socially acceptable.Lack of knowledge about sex are more likely to have an unintended pregnancy. (Speedy Remedies, 2010) During teen pregnancy, the woman experience denial about her condition. They try to hide their pregnancy from their parents, friends and other family member. Also they deny it from themselves that they are pregnant.

When the time that she realizes that she is pregnant, she feel better when she isolate herself from the people that she need the most, her family and friend. Isolation can lead a teen to feel like no one notices she is pregnant. Isolation may also include wearing baggy clothes in an effort to hide a growing belly. Teen mother more likely being dropped out from the school shes in. some teen mother look for alternative for learning and others may be rebellious and act out and stop schooling. (Zehr M, 2011)

The majority of gift exchanges that are intended to preserve social ties or bonds occur Within a framework of ritualised occasions, such as at birthdays or during Christmas. These ritualized occasions often provide maintenance rites (Cheal, 1988), and play an important role in maintaining established relationships (Bourdieu, 1977, 1986). A cycle of reciprocal gift exchanges establishes a relationship of transactions between individuals (Sherry, 1983), relationships are thus, re-affirmed by regular gift exchange. Sex is said to be a gift but in a righ context.

Sexual confusion arises only after the fall, when Gods good gifts are corrupted by human beings. Only then do we learn what happens when the sexual gift is removed from its intended context of faithful marriage and expressed elsewhere. This leads to all sorts of damage and distortion, and represents what the Bible straightforwardly calls sin. The biblical pattern is that sex expressed within marriage between a husband and wife is holy, healthy, and good.

Sex expressed elsewhere falls short of Gods intention and violates His command. The summer has been the top season for births in the United States, according to records kept by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and August often wins the title as the month during which the most babies are born. T.J. Mathews, a demographer at the CDCs National Center for Health Statistics, said that while August sometimes has the highest number, in other years its July or September.

Seasons and weather conditions play a role in birthdays, according to Paul Sutton, another CDC health statistics demographer. Worldwide birthing statistics vary with the climates and cultural factors that influence the timing of conceptions and births in other countries. (Melina, R., 2010)

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