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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous love story in the English literary tradition by Shakespeare. The play focuses on teenagers committing suicide when they are overwhelmed; they cant see solutions to problems or the whole truth or what the future might be. In Romeo and Juliet, suicide is considered a solution and a misunderstanding. Not in all cases is this necessarily true , there are many reasons for someone to commit suicide. In the course of the play, the young lovers are driven to kill themselves for one another in order to be together.

( Juliet pretends to kill her self so that she could be with the one she loves. ) When there was a misunderstanding and Romeo thought she was dead he then killed him self) They decided to commit suicide because they did not see the whole truth of what the future might be. Teen suicide is the superseding theme of the play which is represented by hatred, unleashed emotions in which leads them do the unexplainable against others and even to them selves. In 1995 Christian, 14 and Maryling,13 were lovers who were not allowed to see one another against their will.

Later on they stood at the edge of a Florida canal, joined hands and jumped 15 feet into the cold water to their death. They believed that was the only way they could be truly together. This is exactly what happened in the play Romeo and Juliet. As in the Play Romeo an Juliet even though it was a misunderstanding they wouldnt go on with their live and forget the other you die, we die together. The nature of suicide can be seen in the way it was described in Romeo and Juliet.

At times through out the play it was described as parents not understanding and others as a simple misunderstanding. Kids have so much to deal with and are always put on the spot. Many teens experience stress weather its from school or home. Especially with school, having to deal with other peers as well as working hard is not quite easy. Having to always worry about your future, parents always up your case on how your performance is at school. Other reasons point to a sense of self doubt, confusion, depression and other fears.

In many cases it is considered a solution, teens feel thats the only way they could end with their miseries and live a peace once and for all. Look at it this way the way you might be feeling now might not be the way it will be in the future. There is not a single person that could say how some ones life will end up. Trying to fix something or working on ways to improve it will make it better for the teen. Its also selfish at times to commit suicide because you leave loved ones in grieve. As in the play their families suffer from their tragic death.

Romeo and Juliet does not make a specific moral statement about how suicides are wrong, It portrays that it was necessary in that case. It seemed like the author was intending for Romeo and Juliet to kill them selves because thats what was needed in that case. Through out this analysis, it has proved that when teenagers are overwhelmed or misunderstood teenagers seem to take the extreme by taking their lives or by attempting to. Romeo and Juliet was a perfect example in this case. It showed what drove the star crossed lovers to take their lives.

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