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Published: 2020-01-08 06:30:13
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A. Environment: The environment on Sto. Toribio Elementary School is not so good. We noticed the school lacks trash cans. We also noticed that the school lacks water supply. The school has kitchen where they can cook healthy foods for the children. The threats in the school is when there is no water supply, there are manganese deposits in the closest deep well to the school .

B. Persons Involved(principals, teachers, parents): The parents of the children are the one who cooked the food that we served to the children. We can see that they are very concerned to their children because they cooked food whole-heartedly for the children.

C. Beneficiaries-(Elementary/ pre-school pupils): When we first saw the children, we can obviously see that they are malnourished but they are actively participating in our activities.

D. Program(CRP/ deployment)- The program taught us that the students need to have this kind of program. The students are responsible to have a healthy body and personality. The program also told us how we can make them happy and have faith in their lives.

E. NSTP Students(about your group)- Our group became responsible to finish all the task that are assigned to us. Being an individual student who is taking this kind of program we should have our whole heart to finish all of this. We must have discipline to make the task very well and our group has the cooperation to each other to make the assigned task properly.

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