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Published: 2020-01-16 03:52:53
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One of your service users has to follow a particular diet due to health issues, they are reluctant to follow what is recommended, how do you resolve this dilemma, what do you do and where do you go for help?

Explain the situation to their family, and to the manager. They may be able to come to an arrangement that will benefit her health wise and ensure her happiness and comfort so that she does not feel forced to eat/drink. Find middle ground when it comes to meal time, like taking their request for breakfast, lunch and dinner and following it to a certain degree, yet ensuring their dietary requirements are met.

Describe factors that help promote your residents dignity, comfort and enjoyment while eating and drinking?

Give them as much independence as they are capable of, help them to a degree but allow them to eat on their own, and to eat food that they enjoy. Give them a choice when it comes to meal times, do not give them what they get and expect them to eat it happily, ask them if they like it, and if not what they would prefer. Respect their choices, such as being vegan, pescetarian, vegetarian etc. Give them the choice to eat wherever they like, such as there room, or the dining room, and to sit with people, or they may prefer solitude and would like to eat in their room.

Explain why it is important to be sure that your resident has chosen to finish eating and drinking before clearing away?

It is our job and responsibility to ensure people in our care have a healthy, balanced diet, and are comfortable and happy in everything they do. Taking away their food before they have finished may make them feel very ruled and controlled, it will also have an effect on their health and diet as some residents may be underweight and at risk of causing themselves a lot of damage if they do not eat.

Explain the importance of monitoring the food and drink your resident consumes and any difficulties they encounter

Not every person in your care has the same health problems and weight problems, some may need a controlled diet to ensure their health, while others may need that bit extra also to ensure their good health. Eating too little or too much is unhealthy and dangerous for anyone, especially vulnerable people with possible health risks. It is our responsibility to care for them and any difficulties they experience during eating/drinking could be extremely dangerous, as swallowing problems could lead

to choking or pneumonia, there are very simple solutions to these problems, which is why it is very important to monitor their eating patterns and difficulties with consuming food/drink.

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