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Published: 2019-10-10 12:32:33
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The opportunity to study abroad during my college years would be a great experience. I believe studying overseas is an important, perhaps even necessary, event during college. There are many benefits to studying in another country, which include gaining a broader global perspective and learning about different cultures, religions and people. Knowledge gained from books and studying is important, but experiencing the world for oneself and learning outside the classroom is just as important. I believe that studying abroad would allow me to have a more comprehensive education, as I would learn so much more than I could gain from books. According to an article from the School of International Training, there are many benefits to studying abroad. One benefit is that you can gain new perspective on the world.

You are able to learn through a cultural and academic experience from the inside out. It allows you to explore issues related to globalization, development, poverty, and social inequity from many different perspectives. When a student returns to the US, they will almost always see things differently: They can put themselves in someone elses shoes more easily and have a better understanding of the world. Another benefit pointed out by SIT is increased language skills. Programs typically offer language study at the intermediate and advanced levels and beginning instruction in a less commonly taught language spoken by the local community.

Often, courses will incorporate formal classroom instruction, discussion, and field exercises designed to enhance student engagement and improve oral and written competence. By using language skills in daily life, students can discover that they not only can survive but flourish in another country. According to UNT-International, studying abroad can improve your academic, professional and financial potential. International experience is a critical and very impressive part of any resume. In addition to the personal growth youll undergo while overseas, the international and cross-cultural interpersonal skills that students develop can expand their employment opportunities and income potential. Globally-minded employees are in high demand. Many companies seek out individuals with multi-lingual and multi-cultural experience and skills.

Even more, while studying abroad, students can also take advantage of internships for an international work experience that is highly valued among U.S. employers. Students who undergo this will be able to, with their newly acquired skills, strengthen their resume in Americas increasingly ethnically and culturally diverse workforce. Finally, students typically make great gains in personal confidence and gain valuable insights into their own culture.

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