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Published: 2020-01-27 15:11:42
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As the world is becoming a global village, distance between two people living geographically apart is decreasing at a geometric rate. Every other day, a new technological advancement and various other communication enhancements make it easier for two people living across continents to enjoy easy communication between them. This has been achieved due to the changing requirement and thirst of human to achieve more, communicate more and learn more. Many traditional ways of teaching and communication are now going through a transition stage.

As the distances are decreasing, the methods used to teach and communicate information are changing as well. There is an increased tendency to share a wider amount of data with the minimum resources as one should not forget that the world is right now feeding a vast number with just limited amount of resources. Therefore, to increase efficiency, methods have been adopted that make proper use of those scarce resources which in this case are the valued expertise of competent teachers and their teachings to the students.

Teaching was done in a classroom; now it takes place globally. With the help of online learning portals and university databases where lectures are made available to the students who have missed them, where teachers can communicate with their students real time to enhance their learning experience. With new technology, discussion based teaching can also take place online. All these new methods have been adopted in order to increase the learning of individuals, without limiting them just because of geographical constraints.

On the other side, it makes it easier and rather feasible for both the parties to impart and intake information when such a facility for knowledge management is available now. Online learning is becoming an important trend these years and gaining popularity due to increased mobility of resources. Evaluation of such resources is also important as this would lead us to realize how well these services are performing in order to fulfill their commitment of imparting quality and timely education to students (Greg, 2004). Evaluation and Its Importance:

Evaluation forms the basis of opinions that are generally formed by the masses. This evaluation may be done by normal individuals keeping many factors in mind. The thought processes lead to the formation of an opinion that is based on many principles which are important to the person at question only. For example, while evaluating a soap bar, I might rate it better considering its smell because it has a greater importance for me but for a health conscious person, the anti-bacterial protection the soap provides would hold more importance.

Therefore, most of the evaluation done by normal individuals is done partially. Evaluation, as defined, is the systematic value and importance of something or some object that is under consideration using criteria which is based on a certain set of rules and standards present. Usually, evaluation is done be anybody and everybody; however this evaluation cannot be taken as the true opinion of the masses as it may be biased.

For this purpose, evaluation is done to differentiate and evaluate certain objects keeping in mind the levels of standards present in the wide range of human activities. Usually, evaluation standards are maintained in various arts and disciplines and bodies overlooking these standards are formed by governments or the sovereign authorities who are given such a power by others. For example, the International Monetary Fund foundation is responsible to overlook the policy options that are being implemented in the transition stages of development and trying to counter under development.

Since monetary assistance is provided by the IMF to these countries, the IMF uses independent evaluation foundations. An example related to the topic at hand is the development of The Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation. This committee has developed four pillars on which to evaluate the standards of education; the four pillars being Utility, Feasibility, Propriety and Accuracy. A detailed discussion on these is presented later.

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