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Published: 2019-11-22 06:42:24
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Students and Politics The most progressive, articulate, inspired and dynamic segment of the countrys population is the students community. The formative period of students life should be utilized for an all round balanced development of his/her personality. Political experience constitutes an essential part of this learning experience. This period prepares one to face the challenges better and enables one to succeed in life. The much hyped dirty murky nature notwithstanding Politics has the potential to inculcate qualities like general awareness, keeping abreast with current appeningsand above all leadership qualities in an individual.

Students who Join politics are good orators. They become assertive by shedding their timid ness and shyness. Tackling problemsand solving disputes and handling crisis situations however small or big they may be, infuses confidence in them. It helps in developing skills to deal with people from all backgrounds and of all shades of opinion. Moreover, politics cannot be divorced from a students life as he continuously interacts with the Students Union andvarious other student associations in college. Students also have a great deal of exposure to mediums like the press, television, cinema, etc. hich are important agents of political expression. Political science is a vital part of the syllabi both at the school and college level. This underlines the role that politics plays in various stages of a persons life. Hence, it is futile to shut out students from politics. History is replete with examples of students playing a vital role in over-throwing corrupt dictatorial regimes, freeing their people from foreign yoke and launching relentless crusades against social injustice and exploitation. Majority of the great leaders entered politics during their student life.

Therefore, political education or training during studentlife is important for success in life. Many students organizations like all Manipur students union (AMSU) are big andpowerful students organizations in the north eastern part of India. Their clout is so great that they could even go against the general peoples verdict. Where politicians fail, they succeed easily. The power of the youth is a mighty river, waiting to be channelized. The politics of a particular system determines whether this appens in a constructive or destructive manner.

However, there is a limit to the extent of a students involvement so that a balanced participation does not affect his main purpose, which is to study. While he is not expected to remain passive in the face of criminalization of politics, dismantling of democratic organizations, corruption, communalism and casteism, he should not indulge in factional or partisan politics, or give into the unjust directions of senior party leaders. The student wing should herald the new, only then do they deserve to be called the promise of tomorrow. A better tomorrow.

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