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Published: 2019-10-10 12:32:33
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Gone are the days when going college or university was simple, wherein students just have to show up in class, listen, or daydream during the lessons, take exams and hopefully pass the course and after four years complete a degree. Nowadays, a student must be able to comply with all the required coursework, attend regular or online classes, and juggle class schedules and even work. Aside from the fact that students lead fast and complicated lives with the distractions of work, family, and friends, going to the university becomes stressful and chances of dropping out from school becomes more real.

The University of Phoenix is just like any other university that offers higher education to a myriad of students and personalities. However, the University of Phoenix is also different in the sense that it is one of the most popular universities that offers non-traditional classes and courses. Therefore, students in the University of Phoenix have to contend with more than just normal university work.

The University of Phoenix offers different kind of students the opportunity to finish a college degree in the shortest possible time and with possible lower costs, but since the University exacts the same amount of effort and work that a regular university does, going to the University of Phoenix is not easy. The lessons are mostly done online although regular classes are also conducted, coursework are assigned, and one has to pass each paper before a student can progress through the course.

Moreover, majority of the students in the University of Phoenix are nontraditional students, which means that some are already employed, have families, businesses and even older people who dreams of getting a college degree. With this reality, students need all the help that they can get and the Program Handbook that each student receives helps students become aware of the policies and guidelines of the university.

The Program Handbook contains a very detailed description of the attitudes and behavior that a student in the University of Phoenix must have in order to become an effective student in the unique learning environment of the university. The program handbook says that it is important that a student must be self-reliant and resourceful and to be able to have a thirst for learning in order to maximize the education and training that the university offers.

For example, different programs and courses have different requirements and all the degree programs are created to give the student the best possible learning experience enriched by different activities and instructional materials and strategies. As such, students are required to become knowledgeable on different skills and become competent in communication, research, presentations, and the like. The program handbook also emphasizes the need to follow religiously the parameters set for academic conduct and behavior. The university has very little tolerance for any form of cheating and this is made clear in the handbook.

However, it is a fact that some student does try to get away with cheating if they can, which is why the university has adopted certain guidelines and standards that would make it very difficult for students to cheat. One of which is the use of instructional materials and strategies that discourages cheating, which means that most of the coursework are skill based rather than relying on rote and memory. The papers in every class has to follow a strict format and instructors are also asked to check it judiciously, thus, submitting a plagiarized paper does not become an option for the student in this university.

Learning formats, citations and margins are difficult at the start, but when one accepts that this is part of the learning process, one basically adopts the different writing formats as a key aspect of the paper that one is writing (Liddell & Fong, 2008). Aside from inspiring resourcefulness, hard work, and discipline, each student is also expected to become an independent and critical thinker. Being an independent and adept student is not just on being opinionated and stubborn, but it is more of having the independence to think for one and yet acknowledging that one cannot be at all, times correct or have the best ideas or opinions.

Critical thinking also entails that a student must be able to evaluate the truth of an argument and if it follows a logical frame of mind. Working and studying at the same time is draining and if a student does not learn how to become an effective problem solver and develop good study habits, then getting that college degree becomes even more difficult. It is without a doubt that the program handbook was developed to give students a ready guide wherein they could refer to it each time they meet a puddle or a major disaster in their educational experience in the university.

Aside from which, the program handbook also contains vital information that a student must be able to learn such as university policies, services, directories, assistance and program descriptions. The program handbook introduces the student to the university system and the unique learning environment that is the University of Phoenix, with details on how to use the online portals, the online libraries, the ability to check on grades, messages, assignments, announcements and even academic discourse are encouraged between students and teachers as a means of enriching the learning of concepts and principles.

It is difficult to find someone at this age who does not know how to use a computer or the internet, but due to security and privacy issues, it takes a while to learn how to fully utilize the universitys online webpage. Again, it takes an open person to be able to embrace all that the university provides for the most effective learning experience that it wishes to create.

Sadly, some people do not have the patience and the willingness to utilize the learning platform that most of them feel they have not gained anything from the University (Chortillion, 2005). The truth is, not all people can be successful at the University of Phoenix and if failure is not an option, then the student is best advised to take to heart all the contents of the program handbook. Getting a college degree now is not just an option, but also a choice that one makes whether fresh from high school or during middle age.

Thus, it is not something that can be planned lightly and left up to chance, rather choosing the school that best caters to the needs and dreams of the student is more effective since it would mean that there is greater possibility of degree completion. As such, more and more students find themselves bombarded with demands, pressures, and stresses that limit their ability to function effectively at school, and knowing that the University of Phoenix is committed to giving the student all the support and help that he/she needs to finish school is a relief.

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