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Published: 2020-02-02 14:00:12
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In this project, I will be investigating how accurately students can estimate an angle size and the length of a line. I am investigating it to see if age, gender and mathematical capabilities have an effect on how accurate students can estimate a length of a line and an angle size. I will be using secondary raw data which is given to me to my teacher who has collected the data from other students. The accuracy of the data is unknown and also human errors are also likely Outliers and anomalies distort the mean of the data taking it to either of the two extremes.

To avoid any Outliers or anomalies affecting the accuracy of this study, I will remove them before taking the sample size of around 80-100 students and I will be using stratified sampling so each category categorized by gender, age and maths set have a equal proportion in the sample as in the total population so the results are as accurate as possible. Any outliers which I may have missed can be eliminated by using the formula Q1-(1.5)*(IQR) or Q3+(1.5)*(IQR). The three hypotheses I will be investigating will be:

Boys estimate the lengths of a line and angle sizes better than girls. I will be investigating this as boys tend to partake in activities which involve measuring more than girls and so are better than girls at estimating lengths of a line and angle sizes. Year 8 students estimate the angle sizes and lengths of a line better than Year 10 students. I will be investigating this because Year 8s may not have the pressure of other subjects yet as they do not have any real exams however Year 10 students may have been preoccupied with other thoughts and so are less accurate at estimating the lengths of a line and angle sizes. Students who are better at estimating the lengths of a line are also good at estimating the angle sizes. I will be investigating this as students who are good at estimating one are likely to be better at estimating the other as they have good estimation and measuring skills.

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