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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge ” myth is more potent than history ” dreams are more powerful than facts ” hope always triumphs over experience ” laughter is the cure for grief ” life is stronger than death. If you ask me to describe myself I would say that I am pleasant, diverse, and active man. I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess. I am an engineering graduate with a flair for management. I also have a passion for traveling and exploring different cultures of the world.

All these elements have helped me develop a very broad outlook, with varying degrees of knowledge in a range of topics. As a freshman at the undergraduate level, I chose my major in Electrical & Electronics Engineering to ensure a sound technological base. It was in my third year of graduation in Engineering that I was able to touch upon subject like Industrial and Organizational Management, which stimulated my interest towards management. Professional experience has helped me fortify my conclusion that Management science is a major part of the industry and it plays a polar role.

After completing my Engineering from Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kochi; which is amongst the best institutes of technical education in India, I joined in as a Project Engineer in Wipro Technologies Ltd. To get a feel of corporate management and to know what it takes to become a successful manager before opting for a career in the field. My desire to know more of the big world of managers saw me carefully observing what makes the decisions of the managers, who manage the companies, more successful & pragmatic.

I realized that experience did play a major role in their success, but what was more important was that they came from recognized schools of business. Their decisions were based on simulated conditions in classroom discussions and on the basis of their peers experiences that were also shared in the class. This made my determination towards doing management stronger & very soon, it became a passion and to this end, I have decided to apply to your University.

At Wipro, I joined as a Software Testing Engineer and worked for Clients like Yell Group, The Convergys and my current assignment is with the British Telecom. While the first two projects dealt with SAP SD and HR module testing, my current project is a Telecom Domain Project. Apart from all the Technical stuff, I had the passion for learning the management skills from my Leads and Manager. I would note down the positive points of my senior leads and managers and even the ones where things could have been done better while they were handling the projects and the people involved.

I had the passion for learning people skills from them. I had the opportunity to lead a small project with a group of five and with all my leanings I was able to make that project a successful one with appreciation mails pouring in from my clients and senior management of my company. I learnt a lot in my project while leading the group of 5. Although it was not so easy; I did my best to shoulder my responsibilities well. I had a passion for People Management, Human Resource Management and Keenly observing People behavior right from my early school days.

I would get involved in organizing and volunteering various cultural activities in school, college and even in my society where I resided. I would love to meet people from different parts of the world and befriend them in no time and they would love to be in my company. At the back of my mind I always wanted to do something bigger, some thing with which I would have an impact on the whole world. I want to make a difference in the quality of Lives in the people across the globe and a positive difference to the organization I work with.

I used to see people dissatisfied with their job, some had issues with their salary structure, a few had issues with the management then some one was dissatisfied with their work timings. This behavior of working people propelled me to have some experience at work and then only I would understand their problems in a much better way. For reaching to my dreams I needed to start with a globally with a well established organization and luckily I got selected in the campus interview at my college during my engineering.

Working with Wipro Technologies for over 2 and a half years gave me a little insight into the corporate world ethics which went through various phases including the Recession Period when the market was on a low and it was tough to sustain your job. I keenly observed the behavior of employees and the management during recession. The results were not encouraging as the employee management relation was deteriorating day by day during this economically hit period. I want to make a difference to the organization I work with in y future even during the economic slowdown. I am passionate about all my dreams in making it true.

However I do need help to shape myself to the best ever manager with which I could make differences to the quality of lives of the people and companies across the globe. Pursing a MSC in Human Resource Management and Business degree became inevitable for me as it was my path to future career so decided to do my Masters from Aston University which provides a quality education. The UK higher Education system combines the best elements of tradition and modernity.

The quality of UK degree is one reason why I plan to come to The UK and study. Another is the value for money. Also the universities in UK provide internationally recognized qualifications of highest standard. The Business School at the Aston University is amongst the elite management schools. The quality of Post graduate taught programs is well recognized. The School provides MSc in Human Resource Management and Business program is designed to equip its graduates for careers in the global market. Apart from all these I am very passionate about sports and cultural activities.

I am the core member of the sports committee of Wipro Technologies at Pune. Before this I had organized the Annual People Fiesta event at Wipro Tech, Hyderabad and won the Peoples Champion award for the same. The activities included games like Basketball, Football, and cricket, Indoor games like Carom, Chess, Badminton, and Fun Games like Quizzing, Treasure Hunt, and Paper Game etc. I had actively participated in all of them; apart from this I was involved in Blood Donation Camp conducted by the Red Cross Society where I actively donated Blood as well.

I had organized many Events at College level and won accolades for the same. My ardor for interacting with different people, learning them, their culture and making them friends, My deep urge to learn people skills and manage people at a large scale, to know them from their perspective and to run an organization where people love their company and to hear from them that they are jubilant to be part of my organization makes me a fitting candidate for your deemed program.

I am confident that MSc in Human Resource Management and Business offered by Aston University would significantly impact my professional life and would fully equip me with comprehensive specialized rigorous professional training in all aspects of Human Resource management.

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