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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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We all are aware of what the first stage of developing a research study is right? For those of us who do not know, it is the critical stage of identifying a problem or developing a research question. As is stated in our textbook A useful way to approach the research process is to state the basic dilemma that prompts the research and then try to develop other questions by progressively breaking down the original question into more specific ones (Cooper, D. & Schindler, P., 2011, pg 77). That being said, for the purpose of this assignment I am going to break down two studies that I personally take belief in, bullying in our school systems and the no child left behind act. Why did I choose these two studies? By preference, I work in a teaching environment and as such I have a vested interest in our youth. These two areas of study are ones that I personally feel our parental community needs to get involved in, what with all the issues presently in our school systems, shootings and such.

Beginning with bullying in our school systems, the purpose I am doing research in this area is I want to know if there is enough being done about this situation. Are parents knowledgeable of how serious the situation has become? What are the laws, if there are any, in place to deter bullying in our schools? Do students really understand what bullying is? What can we do to stop this from happening? In my search for answers I found a Journal written by Ken Schroeder in the Universitys Library. This Journal was titled Bullying.

In this journal Ken stated that A stunning (and probably stunned) 71% of teachers stay out of or ignore teasing and bullying of students, according to a recent study of elementary-school bullying and teasing by Educational Equity Concepts (EEC), a national nonprofit organization that promotes bias-free learning (Schroeder, 1999). Since reading this journal I have decided to make my research question this; Should there be mandatory training on bullying for all teachers in our school systems?

The independent variable for this research question would be how much bullying is happening without teachers knowledge. The dependent variable would be once the teachers are trained on what to look for how much bullying goes unnoticed. Moving to the No Child Left Behind Act. Where do we, as a nation, stand with this act today? Is it working and if not, why? Are there any new laws that are unknown to us? Can we improve on what is already in place? Is the bullying can be leading to children being left behind? Is the federal governments funding or lack of hurting this act? Again in researching for this question I found a very informative Public Finance Review of the act. According to the review because of the manner with which the funding for the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is, it actually promotes school districts to support low standards for student performance because there is no funding for schools that have higher standards.

Because of the limited federal funding and the severe penalties in NCLB when a school does not meet its states standards, states have a strong incentive to keep their standards low. NCLB needs to be reformed so that it will encourage high standards (William Duncombe, 2008). What I found even more interesting is that there are several states that have sued the federal government because of inadequate funding. Another source from the Universitys Library supports that the act is nothing shy of a catastrophe.

According to Anne Lewis there are five realities present in the testimony. Unequal funding within states and within districts, it rests on a faulty measurement capacity, the foundation for highly qualified teachers rests on qualities that ought to affect early recruitment and preparation of teacher, but rarely do, parents and communities are almost shut out of the reform process, and its labeling of poorly performing schools is a barrier to developing community support for the schools (Lewis, 2007). The research question I pose here is has the lack of federal government funding made it impossible for some school districts to adhere to the No Child Left Behind Act. The variables that I see being manipulated in this research is the money being used as leverage for the school districts to perform. It is sad that some schools will report false information or fail to teach their students to a higher standard for fear of losing funding.


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