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Published: 2019-12-21 15:30:59
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Fixed mindset is the approach of life where you believe your abilities and options in this world are surprised fixed. Growth mindset is a approach to life where you believe youre abilities and options in life are open. As a athlete if you have a fixed mindset then you believe that you talent will always be there and you dont have to work as hard as other (Pedro Martez). If you have a fixed mindset you will do everything in your power to become at your weakness and none natural gifts by hours of practice and hard work. Like kobe Bryant did to perfect his fade away jumper. There is more then just being athlete character and mindset have a lot to do with it just focus and dedication and practice is very important you have to have a complete mindset. Just not giving up on your dreams like letting your setbacks be and motivation to do better and push forward. Examples such as Michael Jordan he had plenty of setbacks like after his team lost the last game of the season he went out preparing for the next season like practicing his jump shots every night and every day before school he always stayed busy making his game much better.

At the peak of Michael Jordan success he always stayed focused and practiced. So Michael Jordan had a growth mindset because he always stayed on the right path and he let the setbacks of his career just push him forward with what he dreamed of becoming in life. There were also other athletes that had a growth mindset such as lebron james. Lebron James had a growth mindset he was the most watched player coming out of highschool and he won plenty of championships during his high school careers. But going to the nba straight out of high school caused people to say a lot about him he had to live up to his hype. But during the years lebron was pressured after loosing games and not finishing in the 4th quarter so he was talked about critized but this did not get lebron down he manage to win a championship in 2012 with the Miami heat.

As a fixed mindset people who think they dont have to work for anything talent is just giving example in the movie Friday night lights a football player named boobie miles always talked about players but never did what they did and worked hard as they did but he still was the better player and most talented. But having a fixed mindset isnt always right because sometimes tables can turn he was hurt and I believe he was so big headed and never worked hard. So in my few having a fixed mindset can be alright because you are born with that talent but I rather have a growth mindset because youre a much stronger person when you have those kinds of setbacks. In my view I have a growth mindset because I have had plenty of setbacks in life and I go through so much but I still have the dedication to keep going and pushing for my dreams I will never stop going and I will always practice on my abilities cause there is nothing wrong with a little more step in your game to become a better athlete.

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