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Introduction The term Sport for all has been presented since 1966 and established by the Council of Europe. The sport for all concept includes all form of recreational and competitive physical activity. As we can say that this concept has been spread to public for 46 years until this years 2012. Sport for all concept has been used to attract people especially for all age and gender to invovle in sport and its not for only those who have abilities to paticipate. It also mean athletes with disabilities can participate too in sport.

Sport for all concept is a ways to attract public become an athletes in any sports programme. Sport is not just for competition but it also for our health and need to be our lifestyle ways. Defination of Sport For All Concept Sport is all forms of competitive physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and provide entertainment to participants. Sport is generally recognised as activities which are based in physical athleticism or physical dexterity, with the largest major competitions.

Council of Europe define sport as all forms of physical activities which through casual or organized participation aim at improving physical fitness and mental well being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels. However, sport for all is a concept to attract people from all types of age that is children, teenagers and adults to participate in sports even the gender is not a problem to become an athlete. People with disabilities also can become an athlete.

According to Council of Europe sport for all is defined as something quite different from the original concept of sport, embracing not only sport proper but also, and perhaps above all various forms of physical activity from spontaneous unorganised games to the minimum of physical exercise regularly performed. The sport in Sport for All is loose term for such disparate activities as informal recreation, leisure pursuits, play, health promotion activities as well as formal organised sport.

Reason sport for all concept presented As a public, we can say from our logical thinking that sport for all concept that has been presented is more on healthy concern for the citizen circumstances that is always busy wiith their work for the rest of their life. However, sport for all was presented since 1966 by Council of Europe that have a few reason. According to Cousineau, the major aims of Sport for All ideology are, firstly, to democratise sport participation and, secondly, to improve the health of citizens. Beside that, if we look in term of social policy aspect, Ravenscroft argues that Sport for All had six major aims: 1. To increase participation and performance in sport.

2. To have sport treated as a social service 3. To produce a range of social benefits, such as the maintenance of moral standards and improved social welfare 4. To produce a range of psychological benefits, such as the enjoyment of leisure and the advancement of personality 5. To produce certain physiological benefits, such as an improvement in the nations health and fitness 6. To improve the quality of life of the nation The national sport policy of Trinidad and Tabago also have been many plans and programmes to develop sport in the past.

The National Sport Policy cover the two broad dimensions of contemporary sport that is Total Participation in Sport (TPS) and High Performance Sport (HPS). The term Total Participation in Sport is based on the Sport for All concept in which all sectors of the society that is children, youth, adults, senior citizens and the specially challenged, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion are encouraged to be involved in an active lifestyle. Based on the National Sport Policy the objective is much related to Ravenscroft statement and improvising to attract participation from public.

The objective is: i. To develop a healthy, disciplined, united and productive society through greater participation in sport and physical recreation by all members of the society. In this regard, special opportunities are to be made available to children, young people, women, girls, senior citizens and the specially challenged. ii. To actively encourage the establishment of Physical Education Programmes at all educational levels and to foster the sport development phase of these programmes through the provision of sport coaching programmes throughout the education system.

iii. To encourage and provide for the fullest participation of women and girls in all areas of sport, consistent with the 1994 Brighton Declaration on Women in Sport. iv. To provide opportunities for the fulfilment of social, psychological, emotional and physiological needs of the individual through sport and physical recreation. v. To develop and improve the knowledge and practice of sport in the interest of the holistic development of the individual and the enjoyment by the public at large. vi.

To strive to attain excellence at the highest level of sporting competition, develop national pride, patriotism and enhance goodwill among nations. vii. To promote and facilitate the development of sport as an industry that will contribute to the earning capacity of the individual as well as to the national economy. Sport for All Working Group was establish by International Olympic Committee (IOC) and their objectives to determine how the Olympic Movement could assist and promote Sport for All activities. The group aims is: 1.

To apply the fundamental principles and rules of the Olympic charter; 2. To encourage and support the efforts and development of other organizations already involved in Sport for All, thereby further disseminating the health and social benefits to be gained by all members of society through regular physical activity; 3. To assist such organizations, International Federations, National Olympic Committees, and National Sport Organizations (governmental and non-governmental) via the National Olympic Committees, in encouraging the practice of Sport for All, particularly in the developing countries; 4.

To encourage greater promotion and knowledge of Sport for All through the patronage of World Sport for All Congresses. In other hand, public as the participants, believe that Sport for All should be guaranteed for everyone regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status and physical or mental capability. The public also might think sport for all is a prime importance for physical and mental health and is not a contradiction to elite sport.

They also can misunderstand it with a family unit, serves as a social net and is the foundation for constructive human behaviour and also encourages family unity. Besides that, they maybe can think diffrently and mistaken it as a movement that encourages quality physical education and activities in schools, clubs, associations, professional bodies and the promotion of ethical and moral values. Other than that, participate will also might mistook it as a contributes to the positive utilization of free time and contributes to the integration of all people and prevents isolation and alienation.

Besides that, the public also can think they serves as a preventive measure to combat anti-social behaviour and should be an educational tool to preserve the environment and to reserve sufficient open space in urban development. Reason Sport for All concept facing lack public interest Why sport for all concept did not attract public interest? This is because of the lack of information that did not flow through to the public. The public relation person who suppose to give information to the public did not explain about the sport for all concept meaning and the reason why we must use this trademark.

Public with lack of information will not interest in any event thats are related with sport. As we can see, every sports events such as sport carnival, wellness and etc, their participation is the teenagers and less of them are adult person. Sport for all concept did not get any reception. This is bacause people do not understand the defination of sport for all concept. Public must be aware and want to know what the reason for the National Sport Council used this concept. Besides that, public also did not know if there is any benefits or side effect to them if they participate the campaign.

This concept will be known as a program to concern more on health program rather than sport events for the public with lack of information. As a public relation consultant, this is our responsibility to give information through media and inform the public about this concept and we need to find a ways or strategy to advertise it to the public. Strategy to attract public interest If i as a public relation consultant or practitioner of an organization, i would like to suggest the companies to held a sport days once or twice in a years.

By introduce this sport events that is being held for the workers families, so it can spread toward the families members. Beside that, this sport events organize by organization can be used as information to conduct the same events, for example if the workers has their son or daughter that educate in university or college. By participate that sport events they can use it as their lead to improve or itroduce it to others. The organization also should organize sport carnival and used sport for all concept to aware the workers how important sports for themselves.

This is to make the sport to become their habits or lifestyle. Since the employee that work for the organization is stuck with their own duties and responsibilites, they should be aware that also need exercise for their physical or they will end getting disease because lack of exercise. In this sport carnival, the games that are being held supposed to be a game that majority of the employee can compete such as futsal, badminton, tennis, football, netball and etc. According to my experience, i believe that some people think that without the proper equipment, they can not compete.

This is because they are not capable to have their own equipment for certain sport games such as tennis, golf and etc. If we can create a team that hold the position in company organization for sport, it can attract more employee concern towards sports. As we know that sport for all concept is facing lack public interest, if we think deep in our mind we can come up with what public more concern. Majority of the public make artist as their idol, so why not we invite artist as our quests to attract public come and participate the program. Recently, we can hear in news, facebook and others materials about sports event.

Some of the sport events is to gain fund raising for the people who are unfortune and needed, and some of it give awareness about sport by using sport for all concept. The probability to success is higher if the artist that is popular participate as our quests. Many people will come and join the program. Beside that, we also can do some fund raising for people that needed. As for the school, they have sport days once a year. Other than this, they have some talented students that participate or become the region presentater for their school in sports for teenagers level thats below age of 18.

Some campaign should be held to attract student that in primary and secondary level to have information about sports nowadays. By giving the information through the campaign, they can learn what benefit and purpose for them to do sport. Beside that, they can practice it everyday and make it as routine in their lifestyle. Education students such as University level already do a lot of program that is related to the sport such as sport carnival, university cross for run program and sport events.

This is one of the strategy that can be used to promote the sport for all concept where one student should have one major sport that they like to do. We as a public relation consultant should encourage the student to conduct this kind of event that related to the sport program and take advantage to used the sport for all concept in their program. Their program is related to the sport for all concept, so we can create a booth to make campaign and give information face to face. Besides that, all the information about this concept will get enough attraction from the students. Many students in university is much younger and have credibility o participate in higher sport level.

As we can see, a lot of them are participate in their university sport program that being held in every year and play it as a presenter of university name.

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