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Published: 2019-11-04 01:10:30
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Sports serve more than just a physical purpose such as teaching teamwork. Even individual sports such as wrestling, foster team environment in which teens can challenge themselves supports each other and cheer each other. Sports are alsoprovides additional role models and positive adult influence in the teens lives through coaches and the athletic administration staffs. The more adults a teen has to turn to, the more likely he is to go to someone when he faces challenges. Sports are away kids get introduced to different physical activities.

Sports help kid learn skills, including how to dribble a basketball, kick a soccer ball or leap over a hurdle. It takes discipline and hard work. Also, involvements in sports can introduce your kids a new group of kid who have atleast one common interest. Sports require a lot of Teens time as most teams practice or have competitions several days per week during season she isnt practicing or competing, most likely studying to stay eligible, eating or sleeping. Teens who participate in sports through their school are governed by state rules and regulations, as well as school rules they must follow eligible.

This typically consists of a maximum grade point average, not failing any classes and being held to a higher standard for citizenship with in their school and community . Students tend to work harder to maintain eligibility when playing sports, which result in accountability and pride. Teens also, who participate in sports have fewer drop out of pregnancies. The reason are debatable, but most people feel that being a part of a team and activities keep teens out of trouble because they want to be a part of a group, any group ,and the old saying that idle hands are the devils instruments are at least partially true.

Another reason why does participation in sports keep teens out of trouble because teens have too much fun doing their favorite sport to be causing trouble . Theyre interested in if they are going to win or not if the coach is going to make them captain . Whatever it is, they are more worried about their sports and having fun rather than doing dumb stuff and worrying their parents. Sport also keep teens out of trouble because its when theyre bored out of their minds, that they look into other avenues for excitement .

They find there is nothing afire publicly. So they go for the thrill of what has never been tried before. You and I both know it all been tried but they think they can do it. In the end they cant get away with it. Its all been done and it cant be done legally. Participation in sports can help keep teens out of trouble, though its not guaranteed. Teens who participate in sports tend to have less time to get into trouble. In better physical shape than their sedentary peers, they tend to pay more attention to nutrition than kids who dont play sports.

Teen athletes also tend to do better academically and may get a boost in self-esteem compared to their peers who do not participate in sports. Participating in sports is good it can enhance our skills . Dont ignore when it comes to sports because its useful for us and we can enjoy our life even though we can cause a trouble and Sports can save you from a life of crime or a life on the streets. Just by being part of something thats bigger than you can help you change your life around for the better. Being part of a team is like being part of a family. You watch out for one another and support one another.

If youre not playing sports, you may want to consider it. Unfortunately, most schools are cutting extracurricular activities such as football, volleyball, baseball, track, softball, rugby, archery, basketball, and other sports programs. Playing sports is good for your mind, body, and soul. Youll get fresh air if you play an outdoor sport. Youll strengthen your bones and muscles. Your mind will be getting exercise as well because youll have to remember game plays and terminology. Your soul will be cleansed because youll be doing something you love and be part of a team.

Its all good! In conclusion, I agree that participating in sports keep teens out of trouble first they want to be a part of a group, any group ,and the old saying that idle hands are the devils instruments are at least partially true then teens have too much fun doing their favorite sport to be causing trouble. Games can cause trouble but be sports. Everything happens for a reason. Im used to it, I prepare for it. Like I say, at the end of the day, those in charge of their own destiny are going to do whats rights for them and their family.

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