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The movie version takes a similar approach by chronicling the everyday challenges Parker faces and then magnifies his anxieties by thrusting him into a position where he protects others and blossoms into a young adult willing to accept responsibility for his actions. The orphaned teen, whos perceived as a nerd by his classmates and bullied in school, lives with his beloved Aunt May and Uncle Ben and aches to be noticed by his beautiful neighbor Mary Jane Watson. During a school trip to a high-tech biology laboratory, Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider and then assumes the characteristics and senses of arachnids.

Those include the ability to crawl up walls, spin incredibly powerful webs, contort his body in radical positions and move at lightening quick speeds (Rottentomatoes. com). Important Aspects of the Movie At its core, the movie version of Spider-Man is a bittersweet love story, with Mary Jane slowly recognizing the strong moral fabric possessed by a classmate she previously failed to notice and Parker realizing that his place in the world as the protector of others could threaten his romantic happiness (Spiderfan. org).

He knew that by having any deeper relationship with Mary Jane would put her life in parrell, so he chooses to stay away, despite signs of Mary jane taking a liking to him. This is only one of the many aspects of the story that captivated the audience and kept them glued to their cinema seats from beginning until the end. Theres also a subtext involving the dangers of greed, represented by the villainous Green Goblin, who was the villain in the movie adaptation. Its no accident that the Goblin is the color of money.

His alter-ego, money-obsessed weapons developer Norman Osborn, loses sight of everything thats important in life including a son obsessed with pleasing his father in a blind and ill-fated pursuit of money and power. Some other aspects of the movie were the relationship between Peter and his uncle Ben. Peter is known throughout the story as an orphan, and it was his uncle and aunt who took him in and cared for him like they were his real parents. Although the story was the focal point of the entire movie, some movie goers did give credit to the actors themselves for properly portraying the characters of the famous comic book.

One critic writes: The acting is the finest portion of the film with the leads giving us depth that I was unsure would be allowed by the style of story chosen. Maguire was outstanding at being a guy who can rarely catch a break, but attract difficulty with ease and aplomb. He is awkward with the woman he loves, but eloquent when dealing with the familiar, just as most teenagers are even today (Carroll, 2006). With regards to the storyline of the movie, it is what captivated the audience the most.

The conflicts between all the different characters made for a very well written movie. One critic points out: The script was far stronger than I expected with some wonderful dialog; verbal exchanges, solid plot points and pacing. Many a good parenting lesson can be found in this film as well as interesting thoughts about the choices that we make in life that we might think are no big deal when in the heat of passion, but may well come back to haunt us if we dont think before we act/speak: which is the trust of the film in my humble opinion (Baig, 2006).

The relationships between the characters are also an integral part in helping the movie have a very good reception from those who watched it. One cant help but anticipate how Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson would turn out. Peters tendency to be shy towards the woman he loved made it easier for audiences to relate with their own romantic dilemmas. The father and son relationship between Norman and Harry Osbourne takes a tragic twist, with Harry being overly obsessed with pleasing his father. Then there is the conflict between Norman Osbourne as the Green Goblin against Spider-man, who was in fact the best friend of his son Harry.

These conflicts kept the movie very interesting, and it is what made the story very pleasing from start to finish. To conclude, the movie Spider-man turned out to be a bestseller without having to rely on dazzling special effects, as some movies would. Instead, it emphasized on the human relationships between the different characters, and how they further developed during the movie. The main focus of the movie was the story itself, which was indeed very well written and thought of. In the end, it is not really the visual effects that count when trying to watch a good movie.

It is still the story and the characters that make us come back for more. And since its creation in the sixties, Spider-man remains atop of the most popular superheroes ever, serving as an inspiration to those who feel like they themselves live like Peter Parker, as well as a role model for those who find themselves in a position to choose between right and wrong. Spider-mans motto shall forever linger: With great power comes great responsibility.

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