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Published: 2020-02-11 20:10:59
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We know the value of the lives and it has to be preserved until the best by themselves. But, unfortunately many of the people doesnt understand the value of the lives and do some harm to themselves and also to other. One of those kinds is ROAD ACCIDENTS. These road accidents mainly occur due to the over-speed of the vehicles, mostly by the youngsters. To prevent these road accidents Im proposing a system that could reduce rate of accidents drastically. The main advantage of this system is that the vehicles speed will controlled as described by respective department using Bluetooth. This is more useful at highways where the speed of every vehicle is found very high.


My proposal is that every vehicle will to be installed with a speed control device confined with a Bluetooth and will be given I.P. address to the Bluetooth as per their registration. And Bluetooth will be installed at every speed-limit board and will have individual I.P. address described by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). Bluetooth will be programmed with the speed limit as prescribed in the speed-limit board. Then this Bluetooth will interact with the Bluetooth in vehicle and will order it to control the speed using the speed control device. Then the Bluetooth device will control the speed of the vehicle.

Why We Need Speed Control:

The reason we need speed control is that many of us drives our vehicle at the fast pace. This leads to road accidents which cost the value of many of the lives. To avoid this we go for speed control.

Why We Need Automatic Speed Control:

The previously invented speed controls has some disadvantages such as,

* They will be operated depending upon the number of times the brake is applied to the vehicle.
* There is a chance of disconnecting those systems by the user.
* They are fully controlled by the users.

* They activate only on drivers wish.
* No external body controls the device.
* The speed control can be adjusted by the driver.
* There wont be uniform speed among the vehicles.
* The speed control of the vehicle changes time to time.
By using the automatic control systems we can overcome these limits of the previously invented device.

Arrangements To Be Done:
This has to be done in two different stages. Namely,
* Arrangement in the vehicle
* Arrangement in the highway.
Arrangement In The Vehicle:
The arrangements to be made in the Vehicles are

1. Vehicles should be installed with a Bluetooth. 2. The Bluetooth has to be registered and has to be given an I.P. address 3. This Bluetooth should have a capability to control the speed control device. 4. Speed control device has to be designed in such a way that it should be initiated with the electrical pulse instead of the number of time brake applied to the vehicle. 5. Three lamps has to be placed in the notice of the driver to show him that whether he is allowed boost or has to buck the speed of the vehicle or is he in the appropriate speed. 6. The speed control device should control the speed of the vehicle in steps not at a sudden. 7. A Toroidal Coil has to be installed with the control rod of the combustion chamber. 8. A secondary battery has to initialized with the vehicle.

Arrangements In The Highway:

The arrangements to be made in Highway are,

1. The speed-limit board has to be installed with a Bluetooth.
2. These Bluetooth should be given an I.P. address.
3. The Bluetooth should have high range.
4. The Bluetooth should be capable of sending messages to the Bluetooth in vehicles.
5. They should inform the Bluetooth in vehicle the upcoming Bluetooth in the highway. 6. An arrangement has to be made to preserve the Bluetooth from rain.


P.1: On Entering the Highway:
The Bluetooth at the terminals of the highway will be programmed in such a way that it will automatically interact with the Bluetooth of the vehicle. P.2: Operation by the Bluetooth in the Highway Terminal:

They order the Bluetooth of the vehicle, the respected speed to be travelled by the vehicle. This speed depends on the type of the vehicle and also the number of wheels as per the registration in the I.P. address of the Bluetooth. They also show the next Bluetooths I.P. address

P.3: Operation by the Bluetooth in the Vehicle:
They send the electric pulses from a battery to the speed control device depending on the speed the vehicle currently moves in. The electric pulses are sent in terms of small quantities so that the speed of the vehicle will be reduced slowly without causing any damage to the passengers in the vehicle. Then the Bluetooth looks for the command from the next Bluetooths I.P. in the highway. Until the next Bluetooth gives the command, it remains idle.

P.4: Operation by the Speed Control Device:
The system will start work when the electrical pulses pass from the primary battery (which is already present in the vehicle). This charge will be generated magnetic field using a magnetic toroidal coil around the rotor will obstruct the movement of the rotor. This will control the combustion of fuel in the combustion chambers. As the fuel combustion is controlled, the speed of the vehicle will also be controlled.

P.5: Search for Next Bluetooth:
As soon as this operation is done, the whole system gets idle and searches for command of the next Bluetooth in the highway. When the vehicle reaches the next Bluetooth range the operation carries out again as above until the other terminal Bluetooth gives the command to end the process. P.6: If the Next Speed is Greater Than the Previous:

Consider if the next speed-limit is 75 kmph and the previous speed limit is 50 kmph, the electric charge in the form of magnetic field is sent to the boost lamp in the drivers dash board and some other charges will be sent to a secondary battery in which the extra charge will be stored.

When the charge in the secondary battery is almost full, the circuit to the Toroidal coil from the primary coil is broken and the circuit from the secondary battery is connected with the Toroidal coil.

P.7: If the Highway gets Divided into Two or More:

There may be chances for the highway to get divided into two or more. This will lead to the confusion to the Bluetooth in the vehicle to chose which Bluetooth in the highway. This problem came be overcome by giving the number of I.P. address as per the number of roads it gets divided into by the previously commanding Bluetooth.

P.8: In case of Emergencies:

There may be some chance of emergencies. In this case, the driver can disconnect the whole system to go over speed. But, a time limit has to be kept before which the driver has to reset the system into his vehicle from the respective office, else his vehicle will be denied access to enter any highway which will intimate the highway patrol that a vehicle has entered into the highway without speed-control device.

He/she will be given a chance to reason the cause for breaking the circuit to reset the speed-control device in the vehicle. At the time if the drivers reason for breaking the circuit is reasonable he/she will left free else he/she will be penalized.


* There is no need to apply the break to the vehicle to activate the system. * Even though there is a chance of disconnecting the system, the driver has to reset the system before a particular time period. * The system is activated automatically by the NHAI.

* The system is not controlled by the user and is controlled externally by the NHAI. * The speed control cant be adjusted as per the users wish. * There will be uniform speed among the vehicles.


* There is possibility to break the circuit.
* The speed control device is inactive until the user rectifies the system * On reasoning for breaking the circuit, there is no guarantee that the driver is giving is giving the right reason. * There is chance to give bribe to the employees at the office instead to paying penalty.


By this I would like to conclude that we could control the speed of the vehicle far more superior with fewer efforts than the previously invented systems. But we have to monitor it keenly. Whatever we lead to the new systems or anything the users who use the device should use it properly and the officers who monitor the system should work sincerely at least for the sake of preventing accidents and saving lives of the people.

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