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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Speech class? I wondered to myself as I was signing up for the classes to take in fall12 semester. It mightve been cause I am not smart enough to understand or I am just a freshman whos about to start a new semester. I was completely lost. Never had to follow this kind of procedure in high school, that is why. Never even bothered to ask any one about it due to shyness. So in a very curious behavior my first day of college began. I knew what English, health, music and math classes were about but not a clue about speech.

So, there I go to my speech class where I see a bunch of strangers, smiling at each other. I enter the class and search a suitable seat for myself to be seated where I can feel comfortable and nobody can barely see me. I was in the back row. Well, Ive always been the shy type of girl who is not very outgoing and friendly always separating myself from the crowd. As soon as I see my speech professor, my heart started beating faster and my palms started turning sweaty.

I was Nervous! I was thinking about how strict he looks. Few moments later, he started introducing himself and explaining us about what we will do in this specific class. Professor. Ruff was his name. He explained us a lot but only a word he said effected me and my brain. The word was presentation. As soon as that word entered my ears, I started shivering just imagining myself present in front of a bunch of strangers/classmates.

I feared that the professor will pick on me to participate like all my teachers did in high school. I just prayed hoping for the class to end. Thats the time when 50 minutes of class felt like never ending. Then suddenly he introduced us to the power circle and told us this will make us feel good and relaxed. All of us had a big question mark over our head. He made us do the power circle which was fun and actually relaxing.

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