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Published: 2019-12-30 01:40:21
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I am not a fan of crowded places. The noise irritates my system until I lose my concentration in doing a certain activity. My ears are sensitive to loud voices, accompanied by indistinguishable sounds. I am not the silent type though. I find silence more deafening than any sound. The long absence of sound is enough to make me mad. My sensitive ears only entertain the perfect combination of sounds music make. I am not outspoken. Sometimes, I find it hard to communicate with the people around me because I cannot easily say what I really mean.

Unfortunately, I also am not a good writer who can express his thoughts through a pen and a piece of paper. Good thing, there is music. Music had a great impact in my life more than I can think of it. Growing up, it influenced me to see things in different perspectives. I am grateful for the songwriters and composers who were able to capture my attention by creating songs which I can relate to my experiences in life. I cannot imagine my life without music. In this essay, I could cite several reasons to my inclination to music but I cannot enumerate all of them within three pages.

This semester was a great one because I found even more profound reasons to love music more than I did before. I was able to learn the basics and the stories behind musical pieces. Surprisingly, I also got to know more of myself by observing which genre and musical instruments captivate me most. In this essay, I will mention some of the lessons which I did not only learn, but also enjoyed. I enrolled to this particular course because I admit that what I know about music are just tiny bits of information, thus knowing more will help me appreciate music more than I ever did before.

At first, I thought that taking this course was risky because I am not the theoretical type. I usually learn through experimentation, not by reading or listening to instructions. Surprisingly, the whole semester was fun because I experienced the proper combination of theory and practice. Aside from learning about the different instruments, I found myself having fun while scrutinizing them. There are more to be discovered to a musical instrument. Before, it is the lyrics of the song that I appreciate the most. I focus on the story and I will only appreciate it if I can relate to it.

Whenever the lyrics capture my attention, I do not care much about the musicality. This is why I was not a fan of instrumental. Honestly, I even considered it boring before. Having a good tone and rhythm is just a bonus. Enrolling in this course changed the way I view the song. I feel sorry for myself for missing out on the best part. Aside from the violin, I appreciate the elegance of the piano. It is truly very classy. Watching a pianist hit the piano keys is like watching her dancing in her own center stage.

She may even be compared to a ballerina getting busy with her craft with utmost refinement. Both lead to an exemplary performance. Another thing I admire from a pianist is her ability to show just a part of her emotion while playing a musical piece. She leaves more to the imagination. The ambiguity of the musical piece also captures me. The pianist may have other things in her mind while hitting the keys, yet the audience may interpret the song differently. Nevertheless, both parties are entertained.

Enrolling in this course gave me a chance to attend to concerts, not just as an ordinary spectator, but more of a critic. It was great to apply everything that I have learned from the class while critiquing each and every aspect of the concert. Gone were the days when all I do in my seat is to listen and be entertained. I still get entertained with the sound. However, what entertains me even more is the fact that I already have an idea of how things work on the stage. Watching the musicians play inspires me to do well in the same avenue.

As I see them caress their instruments with utmost care and passion, I imagine myself doing the same thing in the years to come. I am aware that with the number of musician these days, it is harder than it seems to make a name in the music industry. Nevertheless, I am not giving up in finding ways to be part of it. The more that I watch my mentors play, the more that I strive to be like them and dream to be better than they are someday. It may sound ambitious but whenever I see the stage, I see myself reining the center spot.

Along with that dream is my determination to never stop learning, in theory and in practice. I like playing musical instruments better than singing. Even if I have the passion and determination if I dont have the voice, I cannot make it big in the music industry. Unlike singing, playing musical instruments gives me a broader chance to see myself in my dream. There may be people who have the gift of playing instruments with the least effort. However, I believe that it is a skill and it can be learned through constant practice and undying passion.

The sound produced by musical instruments is like a vehicle. The song has a destination yet the lyrics alone cannot reach its destination without the beat, the tone, the rhythm, and everything that encompasses a song. Without the sound that accompanies the lyrics, the song may find it hard to be distinct from a poem which is supposedly different. Moreover, the emotion is more likely to be shared to the listeners through the help of the instruments. Life without music is like a coffee without sugar. It is still possible to drink it, yet it is less satisfactory than the one with sugar.

Music has long been part of our lives more than we could imagine. It intensifies our emotion and attitude towards everything that has been happening around us. Moreover, we can never feel so alone when there is a music playing. Listening to it, singing and dancing with it entertains us very well. I am grateful that this course was a part of my semester. I can say that this is even the cherry on top of the season since I experienced education and leisure rolled into one. Although the semester is over, I crave for more lessons and I will not stop learning and experimenting.

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