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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Soldiers and police officers both have an impact on the environment around them. Some the impacts made by these professions differ. In spite of these differences, the amount of similarities between the two is surprisingly large. Each job has the person serving their country, risking their lives for others. Each have difficult decisions to make constantly while performing their duties. The differences between these two start to become apparent when you take a closer look at them however. Soldiers are deployed worldwide, whereas police serve in a local manner. Regardless of the differences, both have a strong impact on the community they are serving in. An undeniable similarity shared by soldiers and policemen is that they are serving the country and keeping it safe. Regardless of the task, it is in some way benefitting the country. Brian Doyle, in The Knock, wrote about his friends job, A friend has two jobs in our town: policeman and soldier. In both, he is the guy who knocks on the doors to tell mothers and fathers, wives and husbands that their son or daughter, wife or husband is dead.

This job is not the exciting, shoot-em-up version conjured in our minds. This is one of the more wearing of professions a person can do. The impact made by Doyles friend is gigantic. Delivering devastating news is an impossible task to do without crushing someone. With this news comes the impact that they have. The ripple effect is a perfect example to explain how it affects the community. At the start the ripples are large, and the pain is fresh. Over time the ripples shrink in size, and the pain begins to scar over. Patriotism is another similarity between a soldier and police officer. In no way will someone willingly enroll into service without being patriotic. Risking your life on a country you do not love is not a part of human nature. Respect goes along with patriotism. Due to the fact you represent these people represent their country their actions are rarely inappropriate for a situation, gaining much respect for this. Manners are also apparent from policemen and soldiers.

When delivering painful news, hats are respectfully taken off. I remove my hat, make sure the person is sitting, and deliver the message (Doyle 108). In the most caring manner Doyles friend knew he delivered the news. The example set when you see these soldiers and policemen in public is obvious. The way they are perceived is as a respectful being. A difference between policemen and soldiers is the uniform they wear. Doyles quoting his friend who stated that, When I wear my Army uniform, people know immediately why I am there¦ (Doyle 109) The message when seeing a soldier at your door is much different than seeing a policeman. The way we have come to perceive soldiers are as bearers of bad news. When at home and a soldier you dont recognize is at the door he comes often to bring news of death.

The lack of a soldier in uniform at an airport also impacts the people who are expecting to see their loved one. When seeing a soldier in uniform there is another feeling besides sadness that is often felt: gratitude. Often times when soldiers at an airport come home, they will come home to the noise of hands coming together; celebrating them and the sacrifices they made for each person of the country. Another difference between these two professions is the area that they cover. Soldiers are an international force. County lines are unable to hinder a soldier on a mission. Their differences are made all around the world, creating many different experiences for the people around them. Again the example of a ripple on the pond may come into play. In the areas of war soldiers are at their busiest.

A soldiers ability determines how they will impact their direct environment. Soldiers, as the one in Doyles book, will tell you that, It is a difficult job and wears you down (Doyle 109). Being the change in the world is a burden that they have to bare. In continuance concerning the differences, Doyle has written, ¦if I am a policeman, it could be anything (Doyle 109). The reasons of a policeman coming to your door can have a multitude of ways to change your outlook on them. Depending on how you perceive a policeman from the start is another way that will determine how you interact with them. When driving down the road and a police car is in view you will notice a rise in the amount of brake lights you see.

The impact on people around an officer is to influence them to be more lawful. Regarding the brake lights, it is because with the presence of a squad car they slowed to the proper speed. As a policeman you will stay busy helping to improve the environment. When asked about how busy Doyles friend is he stated, ¦ I still make more calls as a policeman (Doyle 109). Due to the fact that they are so restricted in their area they have jurisdiction over they are responsible for handling many more crimes.

The versatility of an officer speaks volumes for the way they are able to be perceived as changing the surroundings. There is no doubt that police officers and soldiers impact the environments around themselves. Each has their own way of going about their missions. In the end each profession has the same goal in mind; to better their surroundings and the people located in it. The men and women who perform these jobs are who let this country continue. Without them, we wouldnt be free to voice opinions and make the changes we can.

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