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Published: 2020-02-17 21:12:45
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Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energies at the disposal of the human race. Harnessing solar power and construction of buildings whilst keeping in mind its basic principles can make a world of a difference to the energy costs to individuals and to the planet. Passive solar design essentially uses solar energy simply by designing homes and buildings in a manner that they can fully use the solar energy available in the area.

Passive solar design in home construction does not require any additional equipment or techniques but simply pays close attention to the manner in which the area receives sunlight and how it can be used optimally. The passive techniques use the orientation of the home, windows, walls, floors as well as roofs. It also uses landscaping and use of the exteriors. Benefits of Passive Solar Design in Home Construction Cuts Costs: Passive solar design can help cut the costs involved in building and construction of a home.

As the design and architecture of the home is such that it makes maximum use of solar energy, the need for appliances and machinery for heating, cooling and lighting are tremendously reduced. Thus, investment and maintenance of heating and cooling units is reduced. Energy Costs : Research indicates that passive solar design of a building can tremendously bring down the energy bills and costs. By choosing a southward orientation for a home, 30 degrees due southward, one can ensure that the home receives maximum sunlight and solar power.

With proper insulation the home can be heated and the level of heat maintained at no extra cost. Similarly use of landscaping and shading devices can minimize the sunlight and heat entering the home and can keep it naturally cool. This brings down the air conditioning bills dramatically. Passive solar design will also keep a close watch on the prevailing wind direction which could further assist in keeping the home cool. A large chunk of energy costs of a home are due to the lighting it requires.

Passive solar design will ensure that maximum daylight is brought in to light up interior spaces. Not only do you ensure that you spend less on energy bills today, but also tomorrow, when energy costs a bound to rise. A Healthy Space to Live in: Passive solar design facilitates the design and architecture of a home that is in keeping with the landscape and location of the area. Architecture that is designed according to the resources and limitations of an area are comfortable, energy efficient, environment friendly, classical and simple.

A reduction of use in energy and related use of fuel and appliances, the home is also a healthier place to live in. Research indicates that a great day lighting design also facilitates a comfortable and healthy working and living space. Tax Benefits: Adopting a passive solar design has more benefits than are obvious. Use of such design principles along with the use of green materials brings along tax benefits. Other Techniques of Building Environmentally Responsible Homes More and more homeowners and housing projects are opting for environment friendly and green architecture that is sustainable.

Such architecture and choice of building materials and construction techniques not only help the user but also the environment. Here are some ways of building environment friendly homes. Building Design that Complements Natural Landscape: Building design and architecture that keeps in mind the natural landscape of the area may be able to devise energy efficient techniques of keeping the home warm or cool, as required. This will also lead to minimum changes in the natural landscape, reduce cutting of trees and vegetation and reduce soil erosion.

Use of Local Resources: By opting to use local resources and materials one reduces the cost of transportation of the building materials and also the cost of building materials is reduced. This also brings down the related pollution and energy use. Architects find that by using local materials not only are they able to keep costs down but are able to construct buildings and homes that are in tune with the local climate and terrain. Use of Green Building Materials: Choosing green building materials has a lot to do with the region in which you are constructing a home and need to be considered accordingly.

When selecting sustainable building materials you would need to consider not only the source of the material and how it has been processed but also what its waste will include and if it can be recycled. Green building materials include timber that is chemical free, Cork Oak, where only the bark of the tree and not the entire tree, and bamboo, which can be grown much faster than trees. Use of recyclable window and door frames also contributes towards the construction an environment friendly home.

It is also important that green paints and polishes be used inside and these contribute towards the quality of air within the home. Recycling of Construction Waste: Any kind of construction results in a lot of waste and this is usually piled up as landfill. However almost 60% of this waste is recyclable and can be put to good use. Use of Living Systems for Waste Management: By opting for living systems to take care of biodegradable waste the home is environment friendly and also brings down costs of waste management.

Composting toilets are a step towards managing human waste in an effective manner and reducing the cost and resources spent for sewage management. Ergonomic Designs: Opting for ergonomic designs for homes makes them great to live in for the homeowners and dwellers and also makes them easier to improve or renovate. You can also opt for designs that help you utilize resources effectively. This would include lighting systems, faucets and plumbing and energy systems within the home.

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