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Social change refers to an alteration in the social order of a society. Social change may include changes in nature, social institutions, social behaviors, or social relations. The base of social change is change in the thought process in humans. Social change may also refer to the notion of social progress or socio-cultural evolution, the philosophical idea that society moves forward by dialectical or evolutionary means. It may refer to a paradigmatic change in the socio-economic structure, for instance a shift away from feudalism and towards capitalism. Accordingly it may also refer to social revolution, such as the Socialist revolution presented in Marxism, or to other social movements, such as Womens suffrage or the Civil rights movement. Social change may be driven by cultural, religious, economic, scientific or technological forces. Sources of Social Change

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¢Change of Ideology A general change in the social views and opinions of the community with the advent of new discoveries and philosophies. Example:
The change of religion in England during the time of Henry VIII from Roman Catholicism to Anglicanism. Change of political and economic views of communists countries with the development of Marxism. ¢Demographic Change Changes brought by the increase or decrease in population and/or population density. Example:

The change in the community particularly in the National Capital Region due to very dense concentration of population. ¢Environmental Change Changes in the weather and natural resources with occurrences of natural phenomena and including changes in topography and climate in cases of mass migration that can cause changes in culture. Example:

The change in planting and harvest traditions brought by drought. ¢Political Change Changes in the political structure, leadership or constitution. Example:
The changes in Filipino society in during the martial law and Parliamentary Government of Ferdinand Marcos. The differences in Filipino culture during the Spanish colonization, American occupation and Japanese regime. ¢Conflict and competition- the effects of war, class conflicts, power
struggle and economic competition to society. Example:

The effects of two world wars in different cultures and societies. The change in economic policies and production techniques brought by economic competition between countries. ¢Modernization the development of new techniques and technologies that changes the way of life in the society. Example:

The change in culture due to the development of easier and better ways of communication.

Issues on Social Change
Lack of Needed Social Change in the Philippine Society
The problem: In the Philippines the most of the issues raised are not about the occurrences of different social changes but the actual lack of it. People say that certain changes in the society need to be made in order for the country to move forward. Examples of these needed social changes are: 1.Changes in the Filipino view of an ideal family.

2.Changes in to the treatment and projected role of women into society. 3.Elimination of Political, economic and constitutional ignorance. 4.Eradication of the discrimination to the LGBT, ethnic minorities, ex-convicts, etc. The Governments solution: The Government has been mostly ignorant about the lack of needed social changes in the society. It may be due to politician actually want to not have any social change and maintain the ignorance of the common Filipino in order to further their corruption of the government. Our Opinion: Changes start from individuals. In order to better the society he Filipino people should have the initiative to create change in them to create social change. We have to believe in ourselves, because the change must come from us, the people. Equipped with good and innate values, we must examine ourselves and learn through our mistakes, and we must cling to what is good for our country and our society as a whole, for after all, our country is ours, and our progress lies in us. Worldwide Social Change Brought by Globalization

The problem: Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Put in simple terms, globalization refers to processes that increase world-wide exchanges of national and cultural resources. Globalization favors a lot of countries especially third world countries like the Philippines in order for them to compete economically and commercially to other countries but it has become an issue due to many concerns being over looked like: 1.Increased likelihood of economic disruptions in one nation affecting all nations. 2.Corporate influence of nation-states far exceeds that of civil society organizations and average individuals. 3.Threat that control of world media by a handful of corporations will limit cultural expression. 4.Globalization encourages dependence on other countries for essential goods and services. 5.Radical increase in the destruction of the environment.

6.Increase in dependence on import in developing countries and decrease in the market of local product. The Governments Solution: Because of capitalism, the Government can do little to nothing to address these concerns. It also does not help that many International Corporations have control and mandate to Governments of many countries and some major Government officials in some countries own these capitalist corporations. If there have been steps taken by the government, most of it have been ineffective. Our Opinion: We think that globalization is a good thing as long as its issues are addressed. Governments should act to prevent major corporations from exploiting human and environmental resources through strict implementation of laws. Governments should also have economic regulations to decrease dependence to import products and decrease effects of economic collapse in other countries.

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