Slavery and Lincoln Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Category: Slavery

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1.Do you think President Lincoln ended slavery at the right time? Yes, I do think that president Lincoln ended slavery at the right time because if it had continued I think it wouldve got a lot worse then how it was when before he had stopped it.

2. (A): What does the Freedman say Lincolns toughest decision as president? The toughest thing the Freedman said was stopping slavery and taking big voyages. He also said that being a president would be a big dedication because if you dont do it right then you would be re-elected because you didnt good.

(B): How is this decision related the Lincolns ability to lead? Lincoln ability to lead would be very good for him because if he does a very good job he can be re-elected or he can drop down to governor and do a better job there because you dont have that much stress on making the country better.

(C): Does Freedman present Lincoln as a good leader? Yes, because he was saying things that wouldnt be taken as a insult and was giving very nice complements and giving Lincoln things that might make him better because he wanted Lincoln to be successful and making the country successful on how we are today.

3. (A): What consequences does Lincoln anticipate from certain northerners if he frees the slaves? He has a very big case on things that very wealthy people that can afford a slave wouldnt want Lincoln to let the slaves go. If he did the family of the slaves would be happy and so will the slaves because they have a free life not a life of struggle.

(B): Why does Lincoln worry about Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware? Lincoln cares about Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware because they where major slaves states and didnt want to let their slaves go because they wanted them to do all the work but if was in Lincoln shoes I would fell the same way because I would want the life of a slave to have the same life as myself and others.

4. (A): What is the ships destination? The ships destination is going on the voyage to Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware to un slave the slaves that are in Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware.

(B): What is the Fearful trip that the ship has weathered? The fearful ship that the ship has weathered is the Lincoln on his boat on the voyage going places such as Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware.

5. (A): How do the crowds of people respond to the Captains arrival? The crowds of people cheered and where so happy about the accomplishment that Lincoln has done was just over the top was so great that in changed peoples life for the better.

(B): What kind of leader does the speaker consider Lincoln? The speaker considers Lincoln as a very smart and intelligent man and always has a made the country a better place. It would consider Lincoln the same way that writer explained Lincoln because what he said was just awesome.

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