Should People Accept Unfairness? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Thats not fair. Many people have to deal with unfairness in their own ways. Equity and justice are just what people strive to achieve for in life. I believe unfairness should be accepted by all and one should try and find ways to make the best of it. There are reasons why I think one should accept it. One, because people have different perspectives, sometimes things dont turn out the way they want, and giving yourself a choice to change.

All individuals have different perspectives on unfairness. What one may think is unfair, they may think is fair. One cant really change their thinking; its just part of their point of reason. For example, a successful, semi-wealthy individual was hired to become the executive chef at this stable restaurant/golf course. In the beginning, everything was running smooth, but then it started going downhill for him. Specific mistreatments, unnecessary write-ups, over reacted inspections; it all just seemed unfair.

He wondered if he should explain his position so that they would appreciate what hes doing or move on to something much more suitable to his liking. So its the persons decision whether they should take things into their own hands. Some need to understand that one point of view doesnt always favor another. Take in knowledge of how people handle things so you know how to deal with certain situations. Never settle for what people have you do, you always have another choice. Being negative never ends with good results.

If one desires such results they have to go out of their way to change it. Sitting around with a negative attitude, expecting a change will get one absolutely nowhere. It affects that individual to a certain breaking point, I would say. If one doesnt take action, its bound to stay the same because there was no effort given. Sound judgment is your best choice, making sure your making the right decision so that you have that positive effect. If you want good results, putting effort into change will make a difference.

One should have to come to realize that most things that he attempts to accomplish, wont turn out the way he wanted it to. Whether it is a project, or just a simple conversation. This can be somewhat related to unfairness. Lets say in a job setting, one does his utmost to get a higher position. He proves himself worthy of it, yet someone else is offered the position that he worked hard for. Fair or unfair? In the boss eyes, he might see something that he favors in the other employer, not recognizing what the other has proved. Life comes with multiple surprises and disappointments.

One would have to accept the fact that some things might not finish off the way he expects it to. It may affect his thinking on fairness by doing so. Recognizing point of view, knowing what actions one must take for change, and also seeing the desire for it is the only way to accept unfairness. Life isnt always fair. As one grows older, hell come to realize that making the best of his life is more important than dwelling on the unfair things itself. Make a change for what you personally want; its the only way of experiencing complete equity and justice.

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