Should Our Immigration Laws Be Changed? Essay

Published: 2019-12-06 12:02:22
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Throughout history, there has been a constant increase in non-US citizens moving into the United States. This long process of becoming a citizen of the United States is called immigration. However, the US tends to accept more immigrants than other countries. There are different pros and cons to having an increase in immigration, which tend to be based on how these immigrants are affecting the US economy. Before one becomes a citizen, one must get a visa, which allows him/her to enter a country with the possibility of changing their status to permanent residents or temporary workers. Then, one can get a Green Card, which is proof that you have permanent residential status. One now has the right to live and work in the US. The immigration laws that our country has developed have evolved over time. The purpose of these laws is for the government to control the number of non-citizens who can be in the country. These laws can also deny ones access to become a citizen, and they can also deport someone back to their home country. The Immigration and Nationality Act contains the current immigration laws.

This act covers the definition of who is a citizen and who isnt; who, (from outside this country) can come in, how visas are administered, how immigrants are processed, and who can be deported. This act also covers what immigrants must do to maintain their legality, and how immigrants can become permanent residents in this country. The Department of Homeland Security is in charge of immigration responsibilities. Some might argue that the US immigration laws should not be changed because these harsh immigration laws are only for the benefit of our country and the safety of the United States. For example, the US Customs and Border Protection watches the countrys entrances; including borders, airports, and seaports, to make sure that everything and everyone coming into this country is legal. They also help prevent terrorist and other criminal activity from coming into the United States. If the government chooses to restrict or change immigration laws, they might solve some problems our country has. Increased immigration leads to an increase in poverty. History has shown that a main cause of immigration is the hope of coming to America and starting a new, successful life.

However, their dreams are usually crushed when they come here and realize it will not be that easy. Usually, immigrants cannot find a regular job, which leads to them becoming poorer than they were in their native country. This increase in poverty is a main factor in the increase of crime. Struggling immigrants are forced to commit crimes to get money and find food to eat. People who are anti-immigration also argue that an increase in immigration can lead to an increase in foreign diseases coming and infiltrating our country. An increase in immigration can also lead to an overcrowding, which implies an excessive use of our societys limited resources. Immigrants also fail to successfully assimilate themselves into a new society, so they usually cannot strengthen the economy. On a similar note, their emigration can cause their country to lose a lot of their work force, stumping the developing industrialization of that country. Conversely, some might also argue that some aspects of the immigration laws of not fair. For example, only non-citizens are applied to the immigration laws, and therefore only non-citizens can be deported.

This deportation can also prevent them in the future from coming legally back into the United States. Even though that might not seem fair for the non-citizen being deported, since they might be separated from their family members, causing their family some financial problems. However, there are many reasons one might be deported. If one is deported because they have committed a crime, he/she could have been deported for the safety of the US. One might also be deported if they have gotten fake-married to get into the US, or have failed to register false documents relating to entry into the US. To keep the US safe, people who have committed aggravated felonies are permanently banned from coming into the US. These felonies include murder, rape/sexual abuse of a minor, illicit trafficking of drugs, firearms or other destructive devices, theft, alien smuggling, counterfeiting, forgery, bribery, and offenses related to obstruction of justice.

However, the fair thing about this is that non-citizens can be deported regardless of their status, how long they have been in the US, family ties, work history and tax payments, and contributions to the community, If one finds the immigration laws to be unfair or too harsh, they might want to make the process easier. People who take the pro-immigration stance believe that immigrants can be a major advantage for the work force, because some of the smartest immigrants come to America because they are disappointed with their home countries. They also come and are willing to work at low paying jobs that natural born US citizens dont want to do but are needed to be done. Immigration also causes cultural diversity, which can be positive when educating Americans.

This cultural acceptance can increase the United States image. When the US accepts more immigrants, they look more understanding and welcoming which can be good when dealing with international relations and politics. In conclusion, immigration to the US has many advantages and disadvantages on our economy and social society. Right now, I believe that the harsh process is a great way to keep our society safe from possible terrorists and an increase in crime rate. Once immigrants pass the test, I think they can have a positive affect by bringing in their culture and knowledge to help our society grow. To conclude, I do not think that the immigration laws should be changed.

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