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Published: 2020-02-02 01:13:01
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Today, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) is a familiar strategic approach in Modern Marketing. The STP model was useful for us to create marketing communications plans. It helped us to prioritise propositions and then develop and deliver personalised and relevant messages to engage with different audiences. This is an audience rather than product focused approach to communications which helps deliver more relevant messages to commercially appealing audiences.


We identified bases for segmenation;
Determined important characteristics of each market segment.


Segmentation is made on:
1 demographical factors: age young people (young people and mid-age 40-50 years) 2 occupation / purchasing power : young people/students, businessmen, commuters, airport direct/ indirect workers 3 airports: hub , lots of international stopovers (not to long)

We concentrate on:

Travelers with discomfort: / stops, delays, denied boarding. Travellers without inconvenience, arriving at the airport well in advance. Departing travelers with early morning flights, spending the nights in the airport. Employees at the airport: / taxi drivers, employees host institution, NCC. The costumers who will be simply curious about this lodging culture and they will come to experience it


We evaluated potential and commercial attractiveness of each segments;

1 young people / mid-age (20-50)
2 businessmen /commuters (they will use the work-relax area in pebble) 3 airport direct/indirect workers (they will use the pebble to relax)

Analysed the market segment we have realized that this product will have competivenes in Italy,. We will placed in Milan (Malpensa) and Bergamo ( Orio al Serio) So, we focusing on clients who will be directly at these airports.


We developed detailed product positioning for selected segments; Developed a marketing mix for each selected segment.
First of all our start-up is still not on the territory/market, so we did not have a direct response from our customers with some customers satisfaction surveys (we only did some pre-sale surveys). But we want to position our firm as a cheap, easy to use, flexible and on the go. Zzzleepandgo is a first installation in Italy.

The rationalization and containment of space allow you to move the facilities in the places of interest without hindering the performance of normal activities and the transit of persons.

ZZZleepandGo itself as a solution able to fully grasp the trend and its potential offered by the concept of sharing, offering services with high added value to the community. The solution proposed by ZZZleepandGo constitutes a real killer application in the world of hospitality as immediate, flexible and low cost. The ease of use and the revolutionary concept of IoT (Internet of Things) through iBeacon. The scalability of the system is maximum both from the technological and commercial terms, thanks to the open structure of the platform and the multiple contexts of application and integration with other business services (cross-selling)

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