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Published: 2020-01-26 15:30:35
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This movie gave me the first impression was that everything in the film was black and white. It made me feel depressed and horrible. The images showed that many innocent Jewish people were killed, and arrested as the cheap labors and slaves by Nazi. I am shocked by these inhuman actions during the holocaust. The major character named Schindler goes through the transformation as the result of this holocaust. When he is watching the evacuation ,suddenly a little girl in the red coat apprears in front of him.

He sees the person, not the star in front of him, and his perspective has changed. He comes to realise that innocent, harmless Jews are real people. From this point on, Schindler becomes less on exploiting the Jews, and more about saving them. So much so that by the end of the film, he wished he had sold his car and Nazi pin for more Jews. He is starting to understand that the Jews are people. They have feelings, family and had very well established lives. I learn a lot from it. We should show our respect to every life.

Everyone is deserved right to live. Hurt anyone for no reason is inhuman and immoral. They are real people. Not just workers, names and numbers. Amon Goeth and Schinder seems like friends in business. They have some common similarities and differences that I can figure out. They are both cold hearted. They see the Jews as a simply way as a slave labors. They dont recognize them as individuals. They are both self-centred, concentrate on making money and getting profits as much as possible.

They are both womanizers during the war. Even though Schindler isnt a vey nice person, he changed after he opened his eyes to look at those people around him. From then on that he stops seeing the Jews as a tool to make money , instead he tries to save each and every individual Jew that he can. He has saved more than one thousand Jews during the holocaust by employeeing them in his factories. However, Amzom Goeth becomes a conscienceless monster and is executed as a war criminal.

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