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Published: 2019-11-21 15:23:00
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The entire story took place in one night so Lights are mostly emphasized in the story and obviously those are utilized to keep up the atmosphere but I think the lights have meaning in congruent with the night life and the things that always happen every night. Light is a symbolism that reveals the transactions happen in the dark such as prostitutions and night hang-outs (bars and disco places). It is said that light keeps the momentum and the atmosphere of the scene and in this film, it is utilized artistically. Another symbolism is the white rose.

It symbolizes purity. In this film, Melda played by Jacklyn Jose brought a white rose while waiting for some customer. Later on, Nyoy kept one of the petals of the rose. Perhaps, it would mean that unintentionally Nyoy took some part of the purity of her own mother which is Melda and kept it inside his pocket which only he knew. The pocket may also be a symbolism for it is an instrument to be used as keeper of money and even confidential things. In this film, it was shown that Nyoy has money and he picks it from his pocket in order to pay for the night.

The very intriguing twist, Melba found out that Nyoy is her own son through the pocket of Nyoy and the photo that is kept inside. So as Melba had the missing part of the photo in her own pocket and this was shown in the latter part. Thus, pocket would symbolizes a revelation. The film can be perceived as good in terms of talents scouting because the actors and actresses are just as good and not bad in terms of delivery. Jacklyn Jose plays the role of Melba as an aging prosti who later experienced the twist in her life. The portrayal by Jacklyn Jose was effortlessly and naturally delivered which can be doubt if she really acts.

Angelo Ilagan as Nyoy was just good and effective. There was no special in his portrayal except that he was young and innocent looking. Basically, the film shows about prostitution that dominantly exists in Manila. From the story, it enacts about an aging prosti waiting for some of his customer. However, as the movie developed can be realized that there are also issues being tackled in the film like Peer Pressure that had happened between Nyoy and his friends. Another is abandonment which can be latter realize when Melda found out that Nyoy is her own son, the baby she has given to somebody else before.

Also, the setting in the baywalk is another issue because the film shows it is mostly where prostituted women come to meet with the customer. And, the Malate and the disco places where minor people can enter and cannot be detected can be also included. The idea of the film is basically about prostitution. The concept is new because the story is not static and has unexpected twist. It goes like this: The teenage boy goes to a celebration of his birthday and wanted by his friend to develop his manhood so they called a prosti to satisfy him but only they find out that the woman is old so they decided to look for another.

But twist by fate, the teenage boy goes back to the old woman and have developed some comfort into friendship and later he had gotten her and lost his virginity. However, the old woman later found out that the teenage boy is her own son who she had abandoned before, but the old woman keeps the truth in herself. The plot is somewhat similar to Oedipus tragedy. The film and the story is meant for mature people and not intended for young people. Perhaps, it is obscene. It has a theme of prostitution so expected that the story concept and plot intended for adult people.

Although there really no penetration that happened in the movie but I think the story and the concept is worthy enough to tag it as obscene. It is rated R-13 that is restricted only for 13 years old and above. The concept and the plot are not suited for very young audiences. Although there is no full nudity happened but it has mature theme, mature dialogue and obvious sexual act, so, worthy to be restricted for the 13 years old and above only to watch. These ages can already comprehend of what the story about and the mature thinking is already present.

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