SAMSUNG: From Gallop to Run Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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(1) Outline

The all case study is talking about how did the Samsung Electronics revamped to the largest consumer electronics company in the world from being a copycat before. In 1993, the CEO Mr. Lee released what he called New Management, a top-to-bottom strategy for the company. So Samsung hired a new crop of fresh, young designers who design new products that is more fashion, sleek, bold and beautiful targeting high-end users. They called them lifestyle works of art, and created a new system called WOW! Test, each new product needed to pass the WOW test or it went straight back to the design studio. The reason for the top-to-bottom strategy was to make Samsung the premier brand. Samsung even abandoned Low-end distributors such as Walmart and Kmart and then in-turn built relationships with Best Buy and Circuit City. Were not El Cheapo anymore said one of their designer.

(2) Question 3:

Based on the product life cycle, what challenges does Samsung face in managing its high-tech products? Answer:
Samsung has been able to very easily adapt to the changing of consumers wants and needs. Thus, making better products to suit the growing market. They are coming up with new innovative products that will outshine even the biggest companies like Apple. Samsung is going to have a tablet computer that have built in an app store that Samsung designed by their own, that will give them control over that content. They will have an advantage in the market against Apple, because Apple doesnt produce big screens.

So if they successful, Samsung will not only be a threat to Apple but to other companies such as Sony, HTC etc.., since they plan to have a type of network that will make it a data collector, so that they can know about the types of apps its TV owners like. So on the other hand, Samsung need to have more innovation product, and more humanity that their user and use them easily, the more smarter their device is, the more their users and use it easily and work efficiently, so that they can have the advantage in the market to against its competitors.

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