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Published: 2020-01-16 15:22:24
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Food traditions are vary around the globe. Some people start the day with a heavy breakfast, some eat a light breakfast, well for me I dont even eat breakfast sometimes. Others have a heavy lunch or heavy supper. Russians have a long cultural history that stretches back centuries. Their food traditions are not that different from many other European cultures, but they do have their differences. Breakfast Generally, a traditional Russian breakfast is warm and healthy. Most Russians start the day with fine, rich and diverse foods.

Porridge is one of the more popular traditional Russian breakfasts. Its quick and easy to make, and can be blended with fruits. Porridge goes well with other breakfast foods such as eggs. Eggs are served scrambled or fried and often are used in sandwiches with meat. Pancakes with butter, sour cream or jam are popular. For drinks, fairly strong coffee or tea is served. Lunch Lunch is similar to many European cultures that call for a heavy lunch during the busiest time of the day to keep energy levels high. A three-course lunch is traditional in Russia.

Soup usually begins the meal. Traditional Russian soups include borscht, solvanka, rassolnik, okroshka, and mushroom soup. After soup, a meat dish is served. Popular meat dishes include beef goulash, stroganoff, pork chops, goose with apples, and stuffed cabbage rolls. The meat dish is served with salads and a large side dish. A traditional Russian side dish may include potatoes, pasta or porridge. Potatoes are fried and heavy, and the porridge usually is made of buckwheat. Dessert is light; it often is a glass of tea or a piece of fruit. Midday Snack

A midday snack (or poldnik) is an important part of Russian tradition. Its typically eaten after or at the end of work to hold one over until supper time. A traditional poldnik consists of a collection of fruit, or fruit salad, combined with cake, crackers or toast. Its typically something light and healthy. However, more modern poldniks consist of variety of foods, such as coffee and a sandwich or a light salad. Supper In Russia, supper time is when the family sits down, relaxes and talks about the day. The structure of supper is similar to the structure of dinner, but there usually is no soup.

Similar meat dishes are eaten at supper, and the side dish is similar. However, supper is the time when Russians pay more attention to dessert. Traditional Russian desserts range from various pancakes, rasstegai and kulebiakato ice cream, fruits and tarts. Night Snack After supper but several hours before bed, Russians enjoy a light evening snack. Most of the food and calories for the day have been eaten in earlier meals. A light night snack keeps people going until bedtime. A night snack is something such as yogurt or kefir. Fruit also is a common night snake. Thankyou ????????? (bo ga de lu)

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