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Published: 2020-01-21 23:50:33
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Run, Lola, Run is a German movie in which Lola, the protagonist, helps Manni, her boyfriend, in the problem that hes currently dealing with. The movie started by Manni doing a job getting the payment back, in which when he was returning home, he left it in the train causing it to be picked by beggar. Thus Manni called Lola for help, initiating Lola to run and go help Manni. The first scenario is Lola running to her fathers bank to ask for some money, but instead he told her that she wasnt his daughter.

After that, she went to Manni only to find that he is robbing the store already. It ended with Lola getting shot by the police. The second scenario would be Lola running to ask for his fathers help and instead robbing the bank to get money because her father didnt want to give her money. She went to Manni and while they were just running to meet each other, Manni got hit by the fire truck. The third scenario would be Lola going to casino since she didnt reach her father in time. She won more than 100,000 marks.

She found Manni had worked the problem out thus in the end, they had abundant money. As Lola run, she passed people so revealing their futures. These would be the woman carrying a baby, the guy with the bike, the girl in the office, their future changing every scenario with some bad turning to good while some are opposite. And every time the scene would be uncontrollable, Lola screams. Just like when she was talking in the phone with Manni, with her father in the office, also in the casino, she screamed to gain control of the events.

Her scream acts as a symbolism of her taking control. With them allotted only 20 minutes to solve their problem, Lola and Manni would of course be shocked and panicked since it would seem almost impossible to get that big of money in a nick of time unless they had connections. As a result, they did some desperate acts such as Lola robbing the bank, Manni robbing the store and Lola betting and taking a risk in the casino. Lola and Manni bet their life with these desperate acts, since not doing so would still cost them their lives.

Because if Manni didnt give the money to his boss, he would then be considered a dead man. And Lola without Manni by her side would she have no reason to live life to. Desperate acts in which we arent sure what outcome would give us and yet we are willing to take just to hold on to those things that are important to us. The movie also shows the theme of freedom of a person. I do believe that a person is not only responsible for his or her own actions but also the repercussion of these actions.

If a person isnt ready to face the consequences then dont take the responsibility. Its the ability to face consequences of the actions that makes a person responsible. Therefore with Lola and Manni having a problem and them taking responsibility of it, they held themselves accountable for their actions. Accidents occur because of a persons decisions. Of course with the bad choices, it would lead to disastrous costs. A persons decision leads to another thing, it acts like a domino effect. Thus people are held responsible for their own actions.

Though people arent held responsible for others unless they did something to them that made them owe to these people. But I do think that compassion and love to others would be a nice thing to have in every relationship. With the love in the relationship, it gives people a reason to care for their loved ones. Lola helped Manni with his problem because she truly loved him. And a person would do anything for a person that they really love; either be it a friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend. And theres a reason why Lola did everything she can to help Manni whether it cost her life, and this is love.

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