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Published: 2019-10-30 13:01:03
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My new role as an Instructor at College will present me with some unique challenges, although the majority of courses will be bricklaying the challenge will be delivering to youths, adults and a mixture of both age groups. The course material is pre-prepared with session plans setting out what needs to be achieved, if circumstances changed and I was required to prepare course notes, the responsibility would be mine to ensure the information was correct, up to date and relevant.

The unique challenge is having to deliver the course material to youths, with very little or no experience, adults with varied experience and a mixture of both. My responsibility will require me to assess the learners level of understanding and teach appropriately, remain unbiased and offer each learner with an equal opportunity to achieve their goal. I will also have to make ongoing evaluation through discussion, observation and course work, feedback and assessing their development with theory and practical tests.

I will provide guidance setting new targets and teaching strategies to meet the needs of the group and individuals while promoting a positive approach to learning to ensure targets are met. An induction at the start of any course is required, areas I need to cover would be, emergency procedures, location of fire exits, first aid centre, fire alarm and assembly points, restaurant and toilets. I would need to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the learners by explaining any regulation such as The Working at Height Regulation and any Approved Codes of Practice etc.

The classroom and practical work area needs to be a suitable environment which is comfortable to work in, the delivery and presentation of material is suitable for all levels of abilities and available. A good way to promote learning is to have discipline, agreeing acceptable boundaries can help promote discipline, discuss what you consider to be acceptable, including behaviour toward each other and agree boundaries. A teacher will need to keep records of attendance, achievement and conduct, always be open and honest with the learner and ensure your relationship remains professional at all times.

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