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Published: 2020-02-10 22:00:48
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Traffic accidents are big problem for megacities. Traffic accidents are caused by people, lack of traffic signs, problems of infrastructure¦ Especially people should be aware of distractions that cause most common traffic accident. Because most common traffic accidents are caused by distractions. In megacities like Istanbul people dont care traffic rules. They just use the car for their needs and when people are using car they dont give enough attention. Because of this situation traffic accidents are increasing day by day. How can people reduce traffic accidents? They can reduce it first stay alert and pay attention the second dont speed.

Firstly the drivers in megacities should be stay alert and pay attention. When people are driving cars they mustnt use their phones and they dont distract themselves. Because most common traffic accidents are caused by distraction. For instance while driving car, answering a phone can be difficult and it can make distraction. People who is talking with the phone they lose their attention and they give all of their attention to the caller. While drivers are speaking with the phone, they can have an accident because they lose their attention to the other drivers and also roads. Drivers have be focus on the road which could also cause an accident if drivers are not careful.

Using phone is really problem for drivers. They can also lose their attention with changing the music. For example while drivers using car sometimes they want to change the music and they look at the radio while they are searching music they dont look at the road for a second and they lose their attention to the road and this can cause an accident. While people using car they have to focus on their road, they mustnt use their phone and dont struggle with the music ıf they dont want to have an accident.

Secondly traffic volume is really important for megacities. If the roads are empty some drivers wants to make a speed and compete the other drivers. It can also make an accident. For example when the roads are empty, generally drivers want to make a speed. They dont care the rules and they find one driver who makes speed at that moment and start to compete. It is really dangerous for them and also the other drivers because while they are competing they can make sudden changes on the road and lose the other drivers attention and they can cause an accident. Also when they are competing if the drivers make a small mistake, they have an accident and because of speed they can die. Speed is a big issue in megacities. There has some rules for speed and every driver has to obey them like that people can reduce the traffic accidents.

To sum up traffic accident is a big issue for megacities if there is an accident on the roads, roads can lock suddenly and occur some problem. If people want to reduce traffic accident they have to give their attention to the road not the other this that makes them disturb. They mustnt talk with the phone while they are driving cars. Speed is the important for reduce traffic accidents. Every city has a certain rules and people have to obey rules for reducing traffic accidents. If people want to continue their lives, they give more attention to the rules.

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