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Published: 2020-02-11 09:42:44
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My 3 day site visit was in the Rite Aide pharmacy. I was so excited because it was my first retail pharmacy visit. I really like the idea to experiment on visiting different types of pharmacy practices. One of my dream career is to be in a retail pharmacy and from my visit to this pharmacy I was able to get myself little more encouragement than the other pharmacy practice that I have visited.

            My first day to visit Rite Aide is on March 20 2008 which is Wednesday. It was a down town pharmacy and unfortunately the receptor pharmacist was absents because of flu. I was introduced then to another pharmacist in replace of my expected pharmacist. He  was very friendly and even introduced me to the other personnels of the pharmacy. I find it easy to get along with him because he was a charming man and can start lightly conversations. We had a wonderful day working together. I can see based on my observation that he was very comfortable with the system and flexible enough to make him self available for every patient    consultation. I admire his dedication to his job as a pharmacist.

            The pharmacy is totally innovated in terms of facilities. The pharmacist in-charge of my visit taught me how to operate the automatic answering machine that receives voice mails from  the physicians office. I am also fascinated by their computer system where they get prescriptions via email. It is easier for them to process orders by using this technologies.

The supplies of the pharmacy is ensured from weekly distribution all the way from the Central Ride Aide branch. On instances that faster medication and orders are needed, they will just contact the local supplier for faster delivery. Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed in this company which for them is their best asset in giving best service to people.

            In times that stocks are not available for customers they will ask for a couple of days to  extend your request and they will immediately find ways to get the necessary product you wanted. Customer will be given two ways to claim their order by picking it up or shipping it directly at their doorsteps. My first day of visit is a very busy day for the pharmacy. Customers are lined up by my guide still managed to teach me things that I barely dont know about retail pharmacy. He even showed me the automatic computer system of insurance and how to fill up a new insurance claim. since there were many customers I was able to helped them filling up insurance claims and assist customers needs.

            My second day of visit is the time that I was bale to meet my receptor pharmacist. She was a middle age happy lady who is also friendly like the first one who was introduced to me. She required me to look into the shelf and find the drug with the variety of dosage form. Upon looking inside the shelf, I come up with a big list of medication. As I recall in our pharmaceutics course, there are a lot of drug with a variety of dosage from .

The task assigned to me that day gave me an opportunity to see the different dosage forms right my very eye. After doing that task, she explained to me the process on how to fill out each order. I even help them to fill up some of their order. I also learned from her that the shelf is arranged alphabetically according to their brand name and their generic name. It also gave me an opportunity to see for myself the top 200 drug that I have learned in class before .

            On the third day, since I have been well trained about their, It was time for me to  helped them on taking orders. I applied every knowledge I gained beginning my first day of visit.

My 3 day experience at Rite Aide is really enjoyable. It was so interesting for me to try different types of pharmacy experience. Before, I used to think that life of a pharmacist is nice and easy. All they do is sit on their chair and read newspaper or surf the web, but after my visit all my misconceptions about that job changed. Being a pharmacist is never easy. They have full responsibility of everything which includes order processing and prescribing the right drugs and dosage. Every order that they handle should be handled carefully since every mistake will impact on the patients health condition.

            Being at Rite Aide for three days allows me to take a glimpse on how my future will be in the pharmaceutics industry. I was bale to experience the type of job that I will be facing few years from now. I understand that in order for me to be a successful pharmacist I need to have focus on my career and persevere to be the best in this field. My experience of three days gave me lessons that cannot only be gathered through classes but real life interaction with the kind of job that I will be handling in the future.

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