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Published: 2020-02-23 21:00:55
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With respect to the topic about the role of perception in a conflict, I am going to relate this to my personal conflict with a neighbor in the community that I live. I experience this conflict when our neighbor reprimanded my brother in a humiliating twice in different times for the reason that the latter used to play his radio component in high volume. Considering the distance of our houses, my mother believed that there was really no disturbance that was created by my brother. However, the said neighbor is still angry with us and tried to spread the issue around the neighborhood.

That made my family more angry against our neighbor and we even showed disgust with him. As such, there are two things that are important for the same, and these include communication behaviors and the perceptions of these behaviors ( Hocker and Wilmot, 2001, p. 26). In addition to that, the way a conflict is characterized metaphorically creates a certain perception of what can happen, what will happen, what should happen and with what kind of feeling actions might take place (17).

For instance, my perception with the conflict that I was involved was that, the constant show of utter disrespect my neighbor has shown me by wearing an angry face everytime I am around means that he disliked my presence. It may happen that I will do the same to my neighbor as a counter-reaction or maybe I will create a bad impression on him in my mind. I can detect that there are so many factors affecting my perceptions. The fact that I am also a guy, I hated my neighbor so much and his family background and cultural display are another factors of the conflict.

Actually, my neighbor is a foreigner, particularly a Chinese. We have different cultural orientations and perceptions. He hates noise around him and knowing my brother who loves listening to loud music, they would really end up enemies by conflicting needs and likes. I am really affected to this conflict because it is a matter that affects my whole family. Reference Hocker, J. and Wilmot, W. (2001). Interpersonal Conflict. USA: Mc Graw-Hill.

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